Climate change and Biodiversity, Water, Pests, Industry, Communities and Coastal systems [Fact sheet series]

Fact sheets summarising projected changes in climate variables, together with likely impacts and potential adaptation options for six key NRM themes in the Wet Tropics NRM cluster (WTC) region. The six themes are: Biodiversity, Water quality and supply, Sustainable industries, Invasive species, Healthy communities and Resilient coastal systems. The information contained within this fact sheet was co-developed by the research and NRM partners in the WTC and is intended for a general audience.



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Fact sheet
Geographic and Temporal Extents
Wet Tropics, Torres Strait, Mackay Whitsunday, Cape York
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Attributions and Constraints
Wet Tropics NRM Cluster Brokering Hub
Wet Tropics NRM Cluster Brokering Hub (2015)
Catherine Moran,