Supplementary material for Mackey et al. (2016) Natural icons and threats...

This document contains seven appendices comprising six tables and a figure:

Appendix 1: The Australian Alps National Parks Co-operative Management Program encompasses 1.6 million ha of protected areas managed by three state government agencies with the collaboration of a federal government agency who are all parties to the Memorandum of Understanding (Australian Alps 2012) 

Appendix 2: Results from the surveys of (a) Alps Natural Icons and (b) Alps Invasive Species Threats where ‘1’ is highest ranking and ‘9’ is lowest ranking’ and values are the number and percentage of votes for each rank class 

Appendix 3: Descriptions of key invasive species threats 

Appendix 4: Data sources for the identified natural icons 

Appendix new 5: Data sources for the spatial models of invasive species threats 

Appendix 6: A screen shot of the MCAS-S window showing the sequence in which the data layers were combined to generate the combined icon and threat layers. Simple raster based map algebra was used to combine the primary data and then to calculate the area of icons free from threats and the area under threat. MCAS-S enables the data layers to be interactively manipulated and combined in different ways by decision makers 

Appendix 7: Current approaches to identification of vegetation and landscape features and focal targets in Alps Network Management Plans and affinities where they are apparent. (N/A= no affinity) 



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Peter Jacobs, Sonia Hugh
Mackey B., Jacobs P. and Hugh S. (2016) Natural icons and threats: an approach to landscape conservation planning. PARKS 22.1 March
Brendan Mackey, Director Griffith Climate Change Response Program, Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus, Qld 4222