Southern Slopes Climate Change Adaptation Research Partnership (SCARP) Project Information Summary Sheet

The Southern Slopes Climate Change Adaptation Research Partnership (SCARP) has been working since March 2013 to advance planning for climate change in collaboration with our nine Southern Slopes Cluster NRM partner organisations. SCARP activities have facilitated access to useful climate change science and adaptation information designed to support NRM partners in their adaptation planning processes. This information sheet gives an overview of the aims, research approach and processes and outputs of this project. It also provides background on Stream 1 and Stream 2, Element 1 of the NRM fund in the context of SCARP.


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Detailed Descriptions
Fact sheet
Geographic and Temporal Extents
Corangamite, South East (NSW), Southern Rivers, North East, East Gippsland, Glenelg Hopkins, West Gippsland, North West, Port Phillip and Western Port
Tasmanian Northern Midlands, Tasmanian Central Highlands, Tasmanian Northern Slopes, Tasmanian South East, Tasmanian Southern Ranges, Tasmanian West, South East Coastal Plain, Southern Volcanic Plain, South East Corner, South Eastern Highlands
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Attributions and Constraints
University of Tasmania
Liz Hamilton, Dr. Peat Leith, Dr. Phil Wallis, Dr. Andrew Harwood, Dr. Karyn Bosomworth
Liz Hamilton,, ph 903) 52264831