Prospering in a Changing Climate. A Climate Change Adaptation Framework for South Australia August 2012.

The Climate Change Adaptation Framework for South Australia (the Framework), will guide action by business, the community, non-government organisations, the research sector, local governments and state government agencies to develop well informed and timely adaptation responses. 

Appropriate investment in research,innovation, skills and workforce development can improve our adaptive capacity, enabling us to not only minimise the negative impacts of climate change but also to create new opportunities for our community and the economy.

The Framework informs and aligns with South
Australia’s policy on climate change. It will
also inform the development of forthcoming
strategies and plans, such as the State Natural
Resources Management Plan 2012, and is
intended to be consistent with national
adaptation policies.



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Sustainability and Climate Change Branch, South Australian Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, in partnership with the Premier’s Climate Change Council and the Natural Resources Management Council.