Screening Methodology for Climate Resilient Roads

GIS Layers showing vulnerabilities and catchment areas.  Flood heights were calculated using EXCEL files and IDF curves.  

Data Location Details Public Works Department (PWD) Port Vila Vanuatu
Area or single point? Area
North Latitude
South Latitude 13oS-21oS
East Longitude 166oE-171oE
West Longitude NA if single point
Projection Transverse Mercator

This dataset was developed under the Climate Resilient Road Standards (CRRS) Project. The CRRS was funded directly by a grant from the Australian Government (under the Pacific-Australia Climate Change Science and Adaptation Planning (PACCSAP) programme) to the Government of Vanuatu. It commenced in December 2013 and was completed in March 2015.

Project Leader Dr David Lees, SMEC International.

Lineage: Using downloaded DEM files catchments were calculated. LIDAR data from PACCSAP surveys was also downloaded. Catchments were calculated using Manifold GIS software and the Rational Method.

File Size: LiDAR data requires 2 TB (2,000 Gigabytes)
Total of 20 files
File Type: CSV, NETCDF
Associated tool(s)/Dependencies Manifold, Excel. Operability requirements = 64 bit machine

Current data location:  Government of Vanuatu, Public Works Department, Port Vila. To access the dataset, please contact data custodians.



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Detailed Descriptions
091507 - Risk Engineering (excl. Earthquake Engineering), 090507 - Transport Engineering, 040604 - Natural Hazards, 040104 - Climate Change Processes
Geographic and Temporal Extents
Start Start text End End text
Attributions and Constraints
Use of data requires a Manifold Licence. These cannot be transferred. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence. © Government of the Republic of Vanuatu 2014.
Project Leader Dr David Lees, SMEC International Lead Researcher: Public Works Department (PWD) Contributors: Vanuatu Public Works Department Collaborating Organisations: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Government of Vanuatu Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities (2014): Screening Methodology for Climate Resilient Roads. Database.
Dr David G Lees,