Project data: Taro-Choiseul Tsunami Hazard

The Integrated Climate Risk Assessment and Adaptation Plan for Choiseul Bay Township, Solomon Islands project assesses both current and future climate-related risks to the provincial capital of Choiseul Province and a proposed new township site. In partnership with the Choiseul Provincial Government and National Township Committee, the project has produced an adaptation plan and master plan for a safer and more resilient township in the future.

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Data Location Details Taro, Choiseul
Area or single point? Area
North Latitude 9,261,810
South Latitude 9,254,625
East Longitude 216,855
West Longitude 209,140
Projection UTM Zone 57 South(WGS84)

This dataset was produced under the Pacific-Australia Climate Change Science Adaptation Planning (PACCSAP) programme as part of the Climate Change Adaptation Planning for the Choiseul Bay Township project.

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Credit: BMT WBM



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Detailed Descriptions
091507 - Risk Engineering (excl. Earthquake Engineering), 040104 - Climate Change Processes, 040604 - Natural Hazards, 120504 - Land Use and Environmental Planning, 090505 - Infrastructure Engineering and Asset Management;
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Attributions and Constraints
© Commonwealth of Australia, 2015. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence. Although the associated metadata is public, the data has not been approved for general release. Please phone or email the contact person for this data collection to discuss access. Proprietary and licensed software used to establish some data and generate models.
Contributors: Joris Jorissen, Dr Tom Baldock We would like to thank the Solomon Islands Government (SIG), Choiseul Provincial Government (CPG), community members of Choiseul Bay and the Choiseul Integrated Climate Change Adaptation Program (CHICCHAP) partners for their invaluable contributions to this study. Collaborating Organisations: BMT WBM Pty Ltd, University of Queensland Lead Researcher: Dr Philip Haines
BMT WBM Pty Ltd. (2015): Project data: Taro-Choiseul Tsunami Hazard database. Database produced for the Australian Government Department of the Environment, Canberra.
Dr Philip Haines - BMT WBM,;