Cloud Nasara (Klaod Nasara; Nasara de Nuages)

An animation and toolkit in three languages (Bislama, English and French) which raises awareness of the science and impacts of El Niño and La Niña in Vanuatu and encourages the people of Vanuatu to take early action in preparing for these extreme events. 

The Cloud Nasara animation tells the story of a cloud meeting place, floating high above the Pacific, and its interactions with a small island village, inhabited by a colourful cast of characters, including a reggae-obsessed parrot and a string band.

The animation comes with a resource ‘tool kit’ in three languages to help facilitators link the information in the film with smart decision-making and action on the ground. The toolkit includes bingo cards, picture cards, a PowerPoint presentation and an Action Handbook.

You can screen the animation in your community or workplace. It can be streamed from the Pacific Climate Change website, via YouTube, or downloaded in high resolution (61MB) or low resolution (12MB) versions.

Cloud Nasara animation and tool kit (English version)

Nasara de Nuages animation and tool kit (French version)

Klaod Nasara animation and tool kit (Bislama version)


Cloud Nasara animation only (English version) via YouTube

Klaod Nasara animation only (Bislama with English subtitles) via YouTube


Cloud Nasara was a collaboration between Red Cross and the Australian Government’s Pacific-Australia Climate Change Science and Adaptation Planning (PACCSAP) Program. The project was implemented by the Red Cross, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-hazard Department (VMGD) and the SPC-GIZ Climate Change Program.



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© Copyright Permission is granted to download the Cloud Nasara animation and screen it in your community or workplace.
CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology
This resource tool kit was developed by the Cloud Nasara project team – Philip Malsale, Salesa Kaniaha, Rebecca McNaught, Jill Rischbieth, Brad Murphy, Christopher Bartlett and Ula Majewski.
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