Storm Tides, Coastal Erosion and Inundation

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This case study will focus on the May 2009 storm that affected South East Queensland and Northern NSW to explore vulnerabilities, disaster responses and changes in planning, management and policy which are enacted or proposed, and which may result in long-term adaptation improvements. This analysis will be supported by an examination of previous storms which have impacted on coastal settlements. In particular the study will examine the locations where specific planning and management action has already been implemented in response to past impact, including:

    * Collaroy/Narrabeen, where a range of measures has been used including property buy-back schemes
    * Byron Bay, which has adopted a policy of “planned retreat”, involving planning set-backs and associated constraints on new development
    * Gold Coast, where the principal strategy has involved the construction of coastal protection infrastructure.

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Helman, P, Thomalla, F, Metusela, C & Tomlinson, R 2010, Storm tides, coastal erosion and inundation, National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Gold Coast, 37 pp. 

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Peter Helman,Christine Metusela,Frank Thomella,Rodger Tomlinson