Responding to climate change: Perspectives from Australia

The National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility held an event in Canberra to hear presentations by two leading thinkers in climate change, and to launch the first in its series of Policy Guidance Briefs on adaptation.

At this event, we heard from from two leading thinkers in climate change adaptation, Martin Parry and Will Steffen.  They compared and contrasted their experiences working in climate change and adaptation at international and national levels. 

Comments from Will Steffen:

Australia has been a global leader in climate change action, and at home has sought to respond to the challenge through a range of innovative policy actions.  Most recently, through my role as Climate Commissioner, I have been able to witness first hand community perspectives on these actions. I will reflect on successes and failures, possible future pathways to meet the climate change challenge, and compare activities in Australia with what is happening elsewhere. 

NCCARF’s policy guidance briefs seek to deliver evidence-based guidance to decision makers in key areas of climate change knowledge.  Since 2008, NCCARF has worked with adaptation practitioners and researchers to develop and communicate the knowledge needed to successfully adapt Australia to climate variability, risk and change. Now, NCCARF has brought together this knowledge to address the needs of decision makers at all levels of government and in the private sector. 


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