NCCARF Policy Guidance Brief 3: Supporting decision-making for effective adaptation

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National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility

NCCARF’s evidence-based Policy Guidance Briefs address key challenges to effectively adapting Australia to a variable and changing climate, providing high-level policy advice designed for use by policy makers at Commonwealth and State level. 

This Policy Guidance Brief explores the support of decision-making for adaptation, through provision of frameworks, knowledge and criteria for performance evaluation and comparison. Broadly, these are known as Decision Support Tools, or DSTs. 

The policy guidance provided in this brief was developed at a workshop held in Canberra. The workshop was attended by policy makers and managers from state and federal government, a NSW Catchment Management Authority, the AILA, local government associations, industry associations, private consultants, two researchers working on Decision Support Tools, Bob Webb (ANU) and NCCARF staff.

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