Drought and the Future of Rural Communities- Publications

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Kiem, AS
Askew, LE
Sherval, M
Verdon-Kidd, DC
Clifton, C
Austin, E
McGuirk, PM
Berry, H
University of Newcastle
University of Canberra
New South Wales

Australia’s vulnerability to climate variability and change has been highlighted by the recent (and current) drought situation. For example, a persistent rainfall deficiency over the last seven to ten years has resulted in low inflows into the Murray-Darling system, with some active storages currently at less than 20% of capacity. Droughts are, and always will be, part of the Australian climate and it is impossible to prevent these natural disasters from occurring. There is also the possibility that the frequency, intensity and duration of droughts may increase due to anthropogenic climate change, stressing the need for robust drought adaptation strategies.

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Kiem, AS, Askew, LE, Sherval, M, Verdon-Kidd, DC, Clifton, C, Austin, E, McGuirk, PM & Berry, H 2010, Drought and the future of rural communities: Drought impacts and adaptation in regional Victoria, Australia, National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Gold Coast, 150 pp.

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