An Assessment of the vulnerability of Australian forests to the impacts of climate change - Report IV - Adaptation options

The assessment of the vulnerability of Australian forests to climate change is an initiative of the Natural Resource Management Ministerial Council (NRMMC). The National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) was approached to carry out such a comprehensive Forest Vulnerability Assessment (FVA). NCCARF engaged four research groups to investigate distinct aspects in relation to the vulnerability of forests, each of which has produced a report. In addition a fifth group was engaged to create a summary and synthesis report of the project. This report – Climate change adaptation options, tools and vulnerability - is the fourth report in the series.

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Wilson, R & Turton, S 2011, Climate change adaptation options, tools and vulnerability. Contribution of Work Package 4 to the Forest Vulnerability Assessment, National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Gold Coast, 119 pp. 

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