Adapted future landscapes: User guide

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Wayne Meyer
The University of Adelaide
South Australia

About this User guide:

The assessment of a range of possible landscape futures can aid natural resource management (NRM) planning and support investment decision-making. Informed planning and decision-making is required soon if Australia’s regions are to adapt to global challenges such as climate change.

Spatially-explicit and quantitative datasets which make up landscape futures analysis are essential information for supporting regional planning for adapted futures. 

This User Guide describes the Adapted Future Landscapes approach to support NRM planning and decision-making. This approach combines application of the Landscape Futures Analysis Tool (LFAT), the use of which is described in this User Guide, as well as a process for engaging stakeholders in determining their vision for the landscape, an important precursor to use of LFAT.

Please cite this user guide as:
Meyer, W 2013, Adapted future landscapes - User guide, National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Gold Coast, 19 pp.

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