Weeds and Climate Change: Climex models

Materials and information supporting the AdaptNRM Weeds and Climate Change module has been placed in the CSIRO Data Access Portal (DAP). This data collection can be accessed using the link listed below.  

Within the DAP, the data is also organised so that each invasive plant species has a separate access point and searches can be made using species names.


Weeds and Climate Change: All CLIMEX models
Global and Australian maps of Species Distribution Models (SDM) for current and 2070 climates for invasive plant species for which there are published CLIMEX models.


Detailed Descriptions
070308 - Crop and Pasture Protection (Pests, Diseases and Weeds), 050103 - Invasive Species Ecology
Geographic and Temporal Extents
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Attributions and Constraints
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John Scott and Noburu Ota
John Scott; Noboru Ota (2014): All CLIMEX models - AdaptNRM module 2: Invasive plant species and climate change. v3. CSIRO. Data Collection. 10.4225/08/53FE5401D3CC8