Climate change and cropping in the Murray Basin NRM Cluster region

This fact sheet is a synthesis of current literature outlining potential impacts on cropping in the Murray Basin NRM Cluster. The sheet provides information about what change might look like, detail issues that land managers may need to consider to maintain productivity and provides some simple adaptation options to help manage change. Other fact sheets in this series include  'Climate change and grazing in the Murray Basin NRM Cluster region' and 'Climate change and horticulture/viticulture in the Murray Basin NRM Cluster region'.



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070399 - Crop and Pasture Production not elsewhere classified, 070102 - Agricultural Land Planning, 070106 - Farm Management, Rural Management and Agribusiness
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Murray, Central Tablelands, ACT, South East (NSW), Wimmera, Goulburn Broken, Lachlan, South Australian Murray Darling Basin, Murrumbidgee, Riverina, Mallee, North Central, North East, South East, Central West, Lower Murray Darling
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Broadhurst L (2015) Climate change and cropping in the Murray Basin NRM Cluster region Factsheet. CSIRO, Canberra
Linda Broadhurst CSIRO, Canberra