Trends in natural resource management in Australia's monsoonal north: the conservation economy

Trends in natural resource management in Australia's Monsoonal North: The conservation economystarts by describing the drivers behind the development of a conservation economy in the region and why this is important. It then takes a step back to describe what a conservation economy is, and provides simple explanations for the concepts and terms that populate the literature. It identifies how investments are prioritised and where priority areas for conservation management are located in the Monsoonal North. Finally, it provides a compendium of conservation economy opportunities operating in the region, and examines prospects for future development. Gabriel concludes that investors in conservation economy in northern Australia are most likely to support Indigenous land and seas management in the biodiversity hotspots in the Kimberley, Top End and Cape York Peninsula, and that the northern pastoral industry can receive the greatest financial benefit from the conservation economy by improving the efficiency of their cattle operations to reduce carbon emissions and improve pasture condition.



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Cape York, Northern Gulf, Burdekin, Southern Gulf, Rangelands, Northern Territory
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James Cook University
Gaye Crowley