Trends in natural resource management in Australia's monsoonal north: the beef industry

Trends in natural resource management in Australia's Monsoonal North: The beef industry aims to provide the region’s natural resource management (NRM) groups with an understanding of how best to support the industry, undertake the changes required to improve its environmental sustainability and economic viability, and to provide it with resilience in the face of increasing development pressures and climate change. This report charts the industry’s history and development; describes its current condition and the pressures and drivers it is experiencing; and explores how these are likely to change in the near future. It then examines opportunities for the future, and identifies improved herd management as the most promising option for increasing industry viability and reducing its environmental footprint.



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Northern Gulf, Southern Gulf, Northern Territory, Burdekin, Rangelands, Cape York
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James Cook University
Gabriel Crowley
Crowley, G.M. (2015). Trends in natural resource management in Australia’s Monsoonal North: The beef industry. Cairns: The Cairns Institute, James Cook University.
Gaye Crowley