Monsoonal North - Climate Change in Australia - Projections for Australia's NRM Regions [brochure]

One of a set of brochures that summarises key climate change projections for each of the eight NRM clusters. The brochures are a useful tool for community engagement.

To assist the planning and management of Natural Resource Management (NRM) regions, CSIRO and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology have prepared climate change projections for eight regions of Australia, termed NRM clusters.

This brochure is for the Monsoonal North cluster, comprising NRM regions in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland, commonly known as the tropical ‘top end’. This region experiences a pronounced wet and dry season, with differences in the timing between eastern and western parts. In this project, some analysis and reporting of climate change projections for the Monsoonal North is done for two sub-clusters: Monsoonal North-West (MN West) and Monsoonal North-East (MN East).

Includes projections for temperature, rainfall, sea level, fire-weather.



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Detailed Descriptions
040107 - Meteorology, 040104 - Climate Change Processes
Geographic and Temporal Extents
Rangelands, Northern Territory, Cape York, Southern Gulf, Northern Gulf, Burdekin
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