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URI,Name,C0,C1,C2,C3,C4,C5,The Geneva Accords and the Situation in Afghanistan,Afghanistan,,,,,,Adaptation Strategies for Safe Drinking Water Supply in the Low Lying Coastal Regions in Bangladesh,Bangladesh,,,,,,"An ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants used by tribal and native people of Madhupur forest area, Bangladesh",Bangladesh,,,,,,"Anaemia and vitamin A status among adolescent schoolboys in Dhaka City, Bangladesh",Bangladesh,,,,,,Asia's Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Predicament for Bangladesh,Bangladesh,,,,,,Bangladesh's Development Agenda and Vision 2020: Rhetoric or Reality?,Bangladesh,,,,,,Bangladesh: 'Home-Grown' Democracy,Bangladesh,,,,,,Body Composition of Bangladeshi Children: Comparison and Development of Leg-to-Leg Bioelectrical Impedance Equation,Bangladesh,,,,,,Climate change adaptation: Sharing experience of coastal Bangladesh,Bangladesh,,,,,,Cytotoxicity Screening of Bangladeshi Medicinal Plants and Isolation and structural Elucidation of Novel Anti-Cancer Compounds from Acrostichum aureum,Bangladesh,,,,,,Decentralisation and Development: What Prospects in Bangladesh?,Bangladesh,,,,,,Democracy and Political Islam in Bangladesh,Bangladesh,,,,,,Democracy's Roller Coaster Ride in Bangladesh,Bangladesh,,,,,,Development Through Democratisation and Decentralisation: The Case of Bangladesh,Bangladesh,,,,,,Effect of long-term intermittent supplementation with multiple micronutrients compared with iron-and-folic acid supplementation on Hb and micronutrient status of non-anaemic adolescent schoolgirls in rural Bangladesh,Bangladesh,,,,,,Extent of vitamin a deficiency among rural pregnant women in Bangladesh,Bangladesh,,,,,,Geopolitics of Political Islam in Bangladesh,Bangladesh,,,,,,Historical Developments of Political Islam with Reference to Bangladesh,Bangladesh,,,,,,Incidence of Value Added Tax (Vat) in the Developing Countries: A Case in Bangladesh,Bangladesh,,,,,,Mainstreaming climate change adaptation strategies for safe water supply in the low Lying coastal region of Bangladesh,Bangladesh,,,,,,Oceans of Crime: Maritime Piracy and Transnational Security in Southeast Asia and Bangladesh,Bangladesh,,,,,,"Political Culture, Political Parties and the Democratic Transition in Bangladesh",Bangladesh,,,,,,"Political and Industrial Relations Turbulence, Competition and Budgeting in the Nationalised Jute Mills of Bangladesh",Bangladesh,,,,,,Profit Sharing and Corporate Performance: Evidence from Bangladesh,Bangladesh,,,,,,Progressivity of Value Added Tax in Developing Countries: Empirical Evidence from Bangladesh,Bangladesh,,,,,,Regional Trade in South Asia: Bangladesh's Opportunities For More Trade,Bangladesh,,,,,,"Sediment Dynamics in the Meghna Estuary, Bangladesh: a model study",Bangladesh,,,,,,Space-time clusters of dengue fever in Bangladesh,Bangladesh,,,,,,Spatial pattern of arsenic contamination in shallow wells of Bangladesh: regional geology and nonlinear dynamics,Bangladesh,,,,,,Super Cyclone SIDR 2007: Climate Change Adaptation Mechanisms for Coastal Communities in Bangladesh,Bangladesh,,,,,,The empirical evidence of the voluntary information disclosure in the annual reports of banking companies: The case of Bangladesh,Bangladesh,,,,,,"Transnational Networks, Political Islam, and the Concept of Ummah in Bangladesh",Bangladesh,,,,,,"Understanding community perceptions, social norms and current practice related to respiratory infection in Bangladesh during 2009: a qualitative formative study",Bangladesh,,,,,,Who really pays Value Added Tax (VAT) in developing countries? Empirical evidence from Bangladesh,Bangladesh,,,,,,Attractiveness of Various Combinations of Colors and Shapes to Females and Males of Bactrocera minax (Diptera: Tephritidae) in a Commercial Mandarin Grove in Bhutan.,Bhutan,,,,,,Bhutan: Strategic Environmental Assessment and Environmental Mainstreaming,Bhutan,,,,,,Integrating environmental concerns into development planning: A case study of Bhutan,Bhutan,,,,,,Nurses' understanding of patient-centred care in Bhutan,Bhutan,,,,,,Records of Dacine Fruit Flies and New Species of Dacus (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Bhutan,Bhutan,,,,,,Seasonal phenology of Bactrocera minax (Diptera: Tephritidae) in western Bhutan,Bhutan,,,,,,Studying municipal solid waste generation and composition in the urban areas of Bhutan,Bhutan,,,,,,Towards environmental assessment of policy in Bhutan,Bhutan,,,,,,Brunei Darussalam in 1995: New Party Politics and Diplomatic Presence,Brunei,,,,,,Brunei Darussalam in 1996: Business as Usual in the Abode of Peace,Brunei,,,,,,"Contribution of tree species to the biodiversity of a 1 ha Old World rainforest in Brunei, Borneo.",Brunei,,,,,,Flood Mitigation Works at Brunei International Airport,Brunei,,,,,,Foundations for Overhead Transmission Line Towers in Brunei,Brunei,,,,,,Learning assistance and regular teachers' perceptions of inclusive education in Brunei Darussalam,Brunei,,,,,,The Determinants of Aggregate Import Demand in Brunei Darussalam: An Empirical Assessment Using a Cointegration and Error Correction Approach,Brunei,,,,,,"The Foodweb from Water-Filled Treeholes in Kuala Belalong, Brunei",Brunei,,,,,,Youth environmental attitudes in Australia and Brunei: Implications for education,Brunei,,,,,,Myanmar (Myanmar) : History',Myanmar,,,,,,'Myanmar: History',Myanmar,,,,,,A reply to Des Ball: Myanmar's nuclear programs: A need for caution,Myanmar,,,,,,"Asean Goes Silent on Myanmar, Again",Myanmar,,,,,,Beyond Naypyidaw : Myanmar and the ASEAN way to human rights,Myanmar,,,,,,Myanmar Since the 1988 Uprising: A Select Bibliography,Myanmar,,,,,,Myanmar Watching: A Retrospective,Myanmar,,,,,,Myanmar and ASEAN: A Marriage of Inconvenience,Myanmar,,,,,,Myanmar and ASEAN: Estranged Bedfellows,Myanmar,,,,,,Myanmar and Nuclear Proliferation,Myanmar,,,,,,"Myanmar and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Not If, But Why, How and What",Myanmar,,,,,,Myanmar and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Three Unanswered Questions,Myanmar,,,,,,Myanmar's Armed Forces Since 1988,Myanmar,,,,,,Myanmar's Muslims and the War on Terror,Myanmar,,,,,,Myanmar's Police Forces: Continuities and Contradictions,Myanmar,,,,,,"Myanmar's Security Forces: Performing, Reforming or Transforming",Myanmar,,,,,,"Myanmar, Hollywood and the Politics of Entertainment",Myanmar,,,,,,Myanmar��s ���saffron revolution�� and the limits of international influence,Myanmar,,,,,,Chartering a New Direction? Myanmar and the Evolution of Human Rights in ASEAN,Myanmar,,,,,,"Civil Society in Myanmar: From Military Rule to Disciplined Democracy""""",Myanmar,,,,,,"Conflict, Crisis, and the Absence of the Development Enterprise: A Study of Myanmar/Myanma",Myanmar,,,,,,Even Paranoids Have Enemies: Cyclone Nargis and Myanmar's Fears of Invasion,Myanmar,,,,,,"From Coup D'etat to Disciplined Democracy"" in Myanmar: The Tatmadaw's Claims to Legitimacy""",Myanmar,,,,,,Known Knowns and Known Unknowns: Measuring Myanmar's Military Capabilities,Myanmar,,,,,,Legitimacy Under Military Rule: Myanmar,Myanmar,,,,,,Losing My Religion? Protest and Political Legitimacy in Myanmar,Myanmar,,,,,,Migrants or Refugees?  Myanmar's Displaced Population,Myanmar,,,,,,Modern Myanmar Studies: A Survey of the Field,Myanmar,,,,,,Myanmar (Myanmar) : History,Myanmar,,,,,,Myanmar (Myanmar): History,Myanmar,,,,,,Myanmar (Myanmar): History,Myanmar,,,,,,Myanmar (History),Myanmar,,,,,,Myanmar's Coercive Apparatus: The Long Road to reform,Myanmar,,,,,,Myanmar's Nuclear Ambitions,Myanmar,,,,,,Myanmar's Nuclear Programme: Accusations and Ambiguity,Myanmar,,,,,,"Myanmar's Police Forces: Coercion, Continuity and Change",Myanmar,,,,,,Myanmar: History,Myanmar,,,,,,Myanmar: History,Myanmar,,,,,,New routes to understanding Myanmar's democratic prospects,Myanmar,,,,,,Obstacles to Police Reform in Myanmar/Myanmar,Myanmar,,,,,,Overturning the alms bowl: the price of survival and the consequences for political legitimacy in Myanmar,Myanmar,,,,,,Police Reform in Myanmar: Aims Obstacles and Outcomes,Myanmar,,,,,,"Policing in Myanmar: Traditions, Practices and Capacities",Myanmar,,,,,,Prospects for Justice and Stability in Myanmar,Myanmar,,,,,,"Race and Resistance in Myanmar, 1942���1945",Myanmar,,,,,,Southeast Asian Administrative Data Bases: Myanmar,Myanmar,,,,,,"Ten Years of Chaos in Myanmar: Foreign Investment and Economic Liberalization Policies of the SLORC/SPDC, 1988-1998",Myanmar,,,,,,The Black Sheep of the Family: How Myanmar Defines its Foreign Relations with ASEAN,Myanmar,,,,,,The politics of piety: Pageantry and the struggle for Buddhism in Myanmar,Myanmar,,,,,,Analyses of livelihoods in the Bay of Bengal delta,Myanmar,India,Bangladesh,,,,From coup d'etat to 'Disciplined Democracy' : the Burmese regime's claims to legitimacy,Myanmar,,,,,,The Buddhist political rhetoric of Aung San Suu Kyi,Myanmar,,,,,,Cambodian returnees�� entrepreneurial ventures: the opportunities and constraints of mixed embeddedness,Cambodia,,,,,,Funding Mobilization Strategies of Nongovernmental Organizations in Cambodia,Cambodia,,,,,,Institutionalising Chineseness: Legacies of Chinese Commercial Hegemony in the Cambodian Silk Industry,Cambodia,,,,,,Mental health policy development: case study of Cambodia,Cambodia,,,,,,Policing in Cambodia: Legitimacy in the making?,Cambodia,,,,,,Power in Cambodia texts and contexts,Cambodia,,,,,,Southeast Asian Administrative Data Bases: Cambodia,Cambodia,,,,,,"Strategic Ambiguity' and the New Bush Administration's 'China Threat'""""",China,,,,,,China Transport Network: Navigable Waterways at 1:1m Scale,China,,,,,,China Transport Network: Rails at 1:1m Scale,China,,,,,,China Transport Network:Roads at 1:1m Scale,China,,,,,,"Chinese Dreams on Paper: exploring the ""Virtual Reality"" of China's futures""""",China,,,,,,Cities and towns of China,China,,,,,,"Land-use Map of China Spatial Databases - ""Dense Hydrography",China,,,,,,Language Atlas of China Spatial Databases,China,,,,,,"Making the Crooked Straight"": China��s Grand Strategy of ""Peaceful Rise"" and its Central Asian Dimension""",China,,,,,,"China's Values: Western Images and Realities"",
"""","'Chinese Historiography-Manchu''Chong in-ji (1936-1978)' and Gong Zizhen (Kung Tzu-chen) (1792-1841)'""",China,,,,,,"'ENIGMATIC' an exchange exhibition of teachers from Queensland College of Art, Griffith University with Shandong College of Arts, P.R. China",China,,,,,,"'Glocality', 'Silk Roads' and New and Little 'Great Games' in Xinjiang and Central Asia",China,,,,,,'Harmony' in China's climate change policy,China,,,,,,'Social origins of Entrepreneurship of Southen China',China,,,,,,"'Strong enterprise, weak government': Energy policy making in China",China,,,,,,21st Century China: Views from Australia,China,,,,,,"A 5-year longitudinal study of schistosomiasis transmission in Shian village, the Anning River Valley, Sichuan Province, the Peoples�� Republic of China",China,,,,,,A Cluster-Randomised Intervention Trial against Schistosoma japonicum in the Peoples' Republic of China: Bovine and Human Transmission,China,,,,,,A Cluster-Randomized Bovine Intervention Trial against Schistosoma japonicum in the People��s Republic of China: Design and Baseline Results,China,,,,,,A Comparative Study of Accounting Adaptation: China and Japan During the Nineteenth Century,China,Japan,,,,,A Mass-Line Without Politics: Community policing in China,China,,,,,,A New Prospect for Transparent Court Judgment in China?,China,,,,,,A Pilot Study for Control of Hyperendemic Cystic Hydatid Disease in China,China,,,,,,"A Postcard from a Primary Mathematics Classroom in Chongqing, China",China,,,,,,"A R Davis Memorial Lecture, 2007, China's  Islamic Minorities--Contemporary Perspectives",China,,,,,,A Review of Online Banking in China,China,,,,,,A Socio-Cultural Explanation of Accounting Stagnation and Modernisation in China and Japan in the Nineteenth Century,China,Japan,,,,,A State Enterprise in China's Capitalist Transformation: The Bank of China,China,,,,,,A Study of Accounting Transition in Early Twentieth Century China: Some Scientific Interpretations,China,,,,,,A Study of Zigong Salt Mine Accounts in China,China,,,,,,A Study of the Effects of Leisure Time on China��s Economic Growth: A Neoclass Growth Model,China,,,,,,A Weberian model applied to the study of accounting stagnation in late Qing China,China,,,,,,A Year at the Movies in The People's Republic of China,China,,,,,,"A drug-based intervention study on the importance of buffaloes for human Schistosoma japonicum infection around Poyang Lake, Peoples�� Republic of China.",China,,,,,,"A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial on the safety and efficacy of combined praziquantel and artemether treatment for acute schistosomiasis japonica in China",China,,,,,,A systematic review of the investigation and management of close contacts of tuberculosis in China,China,,,,,,A weberian Model in the study of accounting stagnation in Late Qing China,China,,,,,,"AI Communications: The European Journal on Artificial Intelligence, 16 (1), 2003 (special issue on Artificial Intelligence Advances in China)",China,,,,,,"Accommodation, realignment, or business as usual? Australia��s response to a rising China",China,,,,,,Accounting in China in Transition: 1949-2000,China,,,,,,Active conflict or passive coherence? The political economy of climate change in China,China,,,,,,Adolescent second language writers in China: A sociocultural analysis,China,,,,,,"Advancing Employability and Green Skills Development: Values Education in TVET, the Case of the People��s Republic of China",China,,,,,,Aid Competition between China and Taiwan in the Pacific Islands,China,Taiwan,Pacific Islands,,,,"Alternative States: Comparing Climate Adaptation Governance for the Gold Coast (Australia), Fort Lauderdale (USA) and Beihai (China)",China,,,,,,Amino acid composition of lactating mothers�� milk and confinement diet in rural North China,China,,,,,,An Econometric Analysis of Inbound Tourism for China,China,,,,,,"An Econometric Analysis of the Determinants of Fertility for China, 1952-2000",China,,,,,,"An Illustrated Guide To Species in China��s Seas (Vol.2) ��� Protista (2): Radiolaria, Granuloreticulosa; Fungi : Lichen; Plantae: Seaweeds, Trachephyta Plants.",China,,,,,,"An Illustrated Guide To Species in China��s Seas (Vol.3) - Animalia (1): Porifera, Cnidaria, Plathyelminthes, Nemertinea, Nematoda, Acanthocephala, Rotifera, Gastrotricha, Kinorhyncha, Priapulida, Annelida,Sipuncula, Echiura.",China,,,,,,An Illustrated Guide To Species in China��s Seas (Vol.4) - Animalia (1):Mollusca.,China,,,,,,"An Illustrated Guide To Species in China��s Seas (Vol.5) - Animalia (3): Arthropoda (1): Merostomata, Pycnogonida; Arachnoida, Insecta, Crustacea (1).",China,,,,,,An Illustrated Guide To Species in China��s Seas (Vol.7) Animalia (5),China,,,,,,An Illustrated Guide To Species in China��s Seas (Vol.8) Animalia (6),China,,,,,,An Illustrated Guide To Species in China��s Seas(Vol.6)-Animalia (4): Arthropoda (2): Crustacea (2).,China,,,,,,An Illustrated Guide to Species in China��s Seas (Vol.1) - Monera and Protista (1),China,,,,,,An Outsider's view on China's insider trading law,China,,,,,,"An econometric Analysis of Agricultural Performance in Sichuan, China",China,,,,,,An empirical investigation of incentive scheme with relative performance measures: Evidence from China��s SOEs,China,,,,,,"An epidemiological survey of children's iodine nutrition and goitre status in regions with mildly excessive iodine in drinking water in Hebei Province, China",China,,,,,,An investigation of construction waste made in Mainland China,China,,,,,,"Analysis of Agricultural Land Use Change in the Middle Reach of the Heihe River Basin, Northwest China",China,,,,,,Antecedents and consequences of the introduction of flexible benefit plans in China,China,,,,,,"Application of a Physically Based Soil Erosion Model, GUEST, in the Absence of Data on Runoff Rates II. Four Case Studies from China, Malaysia, and Thailand",China,Malaysia,Thailand,,,,Appointment of Politically-connected  Top Executives and Subsequent Performance and Corporate Governance: Evidence from China's Listed SOEs,China,,,,,,Approaches to Providing and Managing Environmental Flows in China,China,,,,,,Asset Backed Securitization in China,China,,,,,,Assignment China: Three Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Western Managers,China,,,,,,Assignment China: Three Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Western Managers,China,,,,,,"Association between ambient particulate matter and daily cause-specific mortality in Tanggu, Tianjin Binhai New Area, China",China,,,,,,"Association between low income, depression, self-efficacy and mass-incident related strains: An understanding of mass incidents in China",China,,,,,,"Associations between risk perception, spontaneous adaptation behavior to heat waves and heatstroke in Guangdong province, China",China,,,,,,Astride Two Great Cultures: Shakespeare in China's Regional Theatre,China,,,,,,Attributes Affecting the Level of Tourist Satisfaction with and Loyalty towards Theatrical Performance in China: Evidence from a Qualitative Study,China,,,,,,Australia and China Partners in Asia,China,,,,,,Australia's Relations with China in the Context of Globalization,China,,,,,,Australia-China,China,,,,,,Australia-China Relations at the End of the Twentieth Century,China,,,,,,Australia-China Relations in the Twenty-First Century: Development and Environment,China,,,,,,Australia-China Relations post 1949: Sixty Years of Trade and Politics,China,,,,,,Australia-China Relations since the Early 1990s: An Overall View,China,,,,,,Australia-China Relations: An Agenda,China,,,,,,Australian Expatriates' Experiences in working behind the Bamboo Curtain: An Examination of Guanxi in post-Communist China.,China,,,,,,Australian fashion designers: the potential nexus with China,China,,,,,,Bacterial distribution and nutrient limitation in relation to different water masses in the coastal and northwestern South China Sea in late summer,China,,,,,,"Bayesian estimation of the effective reproduction number for pandemic influenza A H1N1 in Guangdong Province, China",China,,,,,,Behavioural characteristics of social incidents in China,China,,,,,,"Book Review of Mark Selden, China in Revolution: The Yenan Way Revisited",China,,,,,,"Book Review: D. Norman Geary, Ruth Geary, Ou Chaoquan, Long, Yaohong, Jiang Daren & Wang Jiying, The Kam People of China",China,,,,,,"Book review: Peter Sheldon, Sunghoon Kim, Yiqiong Li & Malcolm Warner (2011) China's Changing Workplace: Dynamism, diversity and disparity",China,,,,,,Broad Prospects for China��s Relations with ASEAN Countries,China,,,,,,Broken China: Fixing a Fragile Regulatory Framework,China,,,,,,Building A Common Model of Corporate Governance for Greater China,China,,,,,,Myanmar's China Connection: Implications for India,China,India,Myanmar,,,,"Myanmar, China and the Myth of Military Bases",China,Myanmar,,,,,Myanmar��s China Connection: Implications for the Indian Ocean Region,China,India,Myanmar,,,,Burnout among hospital nurses in China,China,,,,,,CROSSROADS: SHANGHAI AND THE JEWS OF CHINA,China,,,,,,"Capitalism in East Asia: the political economy of business organisation in Japan, Korea and China",China,Japan,South Korea,,,,"Carbon Dynamics of Deep Bay, Eastern Pearl River Estuary, China. I: A Mass Balance Budget and Implications for Shorebird Conservation",China,,,,,,"Carbon Dynamics of Deep Bay, Eastern pearl river estuary, China II. Trophic analysis using stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen",China,,,,,,Carbon emissions trading in China,China,,,,,,Carbon trading in a socialist market economy: Can China make a difference?,China,,,,,,Carbon trading in the Asian Century: China��s ETS on track,China,,,,,,Case studies emphasising the difficulties in the diagnosis and management of alveolar echinococcosis in rural China,China,,,,,,"Challenges, opportunities and strategies in mental health promotion in China: Literature review of mental health promotion models",China,,,,,,"Challenges, opportunities and strategies in mental health promotion in China: Literature review of mental health promotion models",China,,,,,,Chan/Zen China,China,,,,,,Change and Continuity: A Critical Analysis of Principal Development Policy in Mainland China (1989���2011),China,,,,,,Changing China's political economy: uniting and dividing impacts of globalisation,China,,,,,,"Changing management, organizational governance and human resources-related practices in the People��s Republic of China: An empirical study in township and village enterprises",China,,,,,,Characterization of aerosol over the Northern South China Sea during two cruises in 2003,China,,,,,,China,China,,,,,,China,China,,,,,,China,China,,,,,,China,China,,,,,,China,China,,,,,,China,China,,,,,,China,China,,,,,,China,China,,,,,,China,China,,,,,,China,China,,,,,,China,China,,,,,,China,China,,,,,,China,China,,,,,,China Challenges Global Capitalism,China,,,,,,China Connections,China,,,,,,China Engages Global Health Governance: A Stakeholder or System-Transformer?,China,,,,,,China From the Inside Out: Fitting the People's Republic of China into the World,China,,,,,,China GIS Project: 1.4 m Data Set,China,,,,,,China GIS Project: Airports,China,,,,,,China GIS Project: Navigable Waterways,China,,,,,,China GIS Project: Rail Network,China,,,,,,China GIS Project: Road Network,China,,,,,,China GIS Project: Seaports,China,,,,,,China Market Entry Strategies: A case study on Sister State and Sister City Relationships in Queensland,China,,,,,,"China Since 1978, Reform, Modernisation and 'Socialism with Chinese Characteristics'. 2nd revised edition (first edition 1994)",China,,,,,,"China Since 1978:  Reform, modernisation, & Socialism with Chinese Characteristics""""",China,,,,,,"China Through Western Eyes, The Nineteenth Centuary, A Reader in History",China,,,,,,China and The world at the End of the Twentieth Century,China,,,,,,China and the Australia-U.S. Relationship A Historical Perspective,China,,,,,,China and the Beginning of Australian History,China,,,,,,China and the Beginning of Australian History,China,,,,,,"China and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization: The Dynamics of ���New Regionalism��, ���Vassalization��, and Geopolitics in Central Asia",China,,,,,,China and the United States in Africa:coming Conflict or Commercial Competition?,China,,,,,,"China as a Rising World Power and its Response to Globalization""""",China,,,,,,China as a Rising World Power and its Response to 'Globalization',China,,,,,,China beyond the Asian financial crisis: a new path of institutional change,China,,,,,,China engages global health governance: Processes and dilemmas,China,,,,,,China in Time:  The designing  and  Implementation of Historical Dimensions in the SIIASA/China GIS Project Databases,China,,,,,,China in Transformation 1900-1949,China,,,,,,"China in Transformation, 1900-1949",China,,,,,,China in revolution: History through Documents,China,,,,,,China on Screen: Cinema and Nation,China,,,,,,China to Australia,China,,,,,,China's Commitment on Judicial Review and its Administrative Litigation Law Reform,China,,,,,,"China's Construction Industry After WTO Accession: Opportunities, Challenges and Strategies",China,,,,,,China's Economic Miracle: Does FDI Matter?,China,,,,,,China's Economic Reform Experience: The End of a Pareto Improving Strategy,China,,,,,,China's Energy Security,China,,,,,,China's Energy Security,China,,,,,,China's Environmental Governance: The Domestic-International Nexus,China,,,,,,China's Ethnic Autonomy Policy: Ramifications and Evaluation,China,,,,,,China's Ethnic Minorities and Globalisation,China,,,,,,China's Ethnic Minorities: Global-Local Interactions over Sixty Years,China,,,,,,China's Ethnic Minorities: Policy and Challenges under the Fourth-generation Leadership,China,,,,,,China's Minorities and National Integration,China,,,,,,China's Minorities:  Integration - Modernisation in the Twentith Century,China,,,,,,China's Minority Cultures at the Turn of the Century: Issues of Modernization and Globalization,China,,,,,,China's Minority Cultures: Identities and Integration since 1912,China,,,,,,China's New Financial Architects,China,,,,,,China's New Reserve Strategy,China,,,,,,China's Proletarian Myth: The Revolutionary Narrative and Model Theatre of the Cultural Revolution,China,,,,,,China's Supreme People's Court within the 'Political-Legal System',China,,,,,,China's changing public health paradox and the new generation of health NGOs,China,,,,,,"China's engagement with neo-liberalism: path dependency, geography and party self-reinvention",China,,,,,,China's ethnic minorities and the middle classes: an overview,China,,,,,,China's foreign economic cooperation development: exporting Chinese construction services,China,,,,,,China's outward foreign direct investment: Issues for internatinal human resource management,China,,,,,,China's post-1978 experience in outbound tourism,China,,,,,,China's rise and middle power democracies: Canada and Australia compared,China,,,,,,China's second-tier cities as exhibition destinations,China,,,,,,"China, Japan, and East Asian regional cooperation: the views of ���self�� and ���other�� from Beijing and Tokyo",China,Japan,,,,,"China, Xinjiang and Central Asia, History, transition and crossborder interaction into the 21st century",China,,,,,,"China, Xinjiang and Central Asia: History, Transition and Crossborder Interaction into the 21st Century",China,,,,,,"China, Xinjiang and the internationalisation of the Uyghur issue",China,,,,,,China-Japan Relations in the Twenty-first Century,China,Japan,,,,,"China��s War on Terror"" in Xinjiang: Human Security and the Causes of Violent Uighur Separatism""",China,,,,,,China��s Capital Market and Corporate Governance: The Promotion of the External Governance Mechanism,China,,,,,,"China��s Death Penalty: The Supreme People��s Court, the Suspended Death Sentence and the Politics of Penal Reform",China,,,,,,China��s Economic Rectification and Sino-US Economic and Trade Relations,China,,,,,,"China��s Integration of Xinjiang with Central Asia: Securing a Silk Road"" to Great Power Status?""",China,,,,,,"China��s Internal Security Dilemma and the Great Western Development"": The Dynamics of Integration Ethnic Nationalism and Terrorism in Xinjiang""",China,,,,,,China��s Minorities: Challenges to the Chinese State into the Twenty-First Century,China,,,,,,China��s Open Government Information Reform: Transparency v. Secrecy,China,,,,,,China��s Reform: Progress and Initiatives,China,,,,,,China��s Relations with the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union,China,,,,,,China��s Response to Climate Change,China,,,,,,"China��s Strategy in Xinjiang and Central Asia: Toward Chinese Hegemony in the Geographical Pivot of History""?""",China,,,,,,China��s Strategy in ���Greater Central Asia��: Is Afghanistan the Missing Link?,China,Afghanistan,,,,,China��s civil service adopts e-HRM . . .up to a point,China,,,,,,Chinese Business Ventures into China,China,,,,,,Civilising Citizens in Post-Mao China: Understanding the Rhetoric of Suzhi,China,,,,,,"Classification of flow regimes for environmental flow assessment in regulated rivers: The Huai River Basin, China",China,,,,,,"Communities, crime and Social Capital in contemporary China (Book Review)",China,,,,,,"Comparative Study of Emissions Trading Status-Quo in China, Australia and Other Countries",China,,,,,,Comparison of environmental performance assessment for construction in Hong Kong and the Mainland China,China,Hong Kong,,,,,Comparison of the Effects of Short-Term UVB  Radiation Exposure on Phytoplankton Photosynthesis in the Temperate Changjiang and Subtropical  Zhujiang Estuaries of China,China,,,,,,Competitive Money Creation in China and in the Soviet Union,China,,,,,,Concert Performances as Part of the China Festival. Program of works by Chopin. 12 - 29/05/02,China,,,,,,"Concerts, Masterclasses, Lectures in China. Concert Program - Liszt, Chopin. Lecture -  Music as an integral part of human existance [relationship between music",China,,,,,,Connections in China: Harmonizing stories of community music from around the world,China,,,,,,Conquering 'snail fever': Schistosomiasis and its control in China,China,,,,,,Contemporary China: Searching for Identity,China,,,,,,Contemporary Tourism Challenges in China- Reflections from a Study Tour,China,,,,,,Contra bonos mores: a preferred avenue for obtaining satisfaction for company creditors in China,China,,,,,,Contributing to a harmonious society: China��s sovereign wealth fund,China,,,,,,Corporate Governanc Issues: A Case Study of China,China,,,,,,Corporate Governance and Corporate Fraud in China: An Exploratory Study,China,,,,,,Corporate Governance and enterprise reform in China,China,,,,,,Corporate Governance in China: An Empirical Study of Listed Firms,China,,,,,,Corporate Governance issues: A Case study of China,China,,,,,,"Corporate Governance,Ownership Change and the Performance of China's State Owned Enterprises",China,,,,,,Courts and Criminal Justice in Contemporary China,China,,,,,,"Cultural filtering in the Arab World and China: Exploring the interrelationship of the technological knowledge age, traditional cultural networking and interpersonal connections",China,,,,,,Customer Relationship Management in the Exhibition Industry in China: An Exploration into the Critical Success Factors and Inhibitors,China,,,,,,Dealing with the inharmonious world: China and the global financial crisis,China,,,,,,Democratization and China's Ethnic Minorities?,China,,,,,,Depression in Employees in Privately Owned Enterprises in China: Is It Related to Work Environment and Work Ability?,China,,,,,,"Depressive Symptoms, Family Functioning, University Environment, and Social Support: a Population Based Study in University Students in Beijing China",China,,,,,,Designing a management framework for Strategic Environmental Assessment of urban plans in China,China,,,,,,Determinants of 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Technologies",China,,,,,,Does CEO pay dispersion matter in an emerging market: Evidence from China's Listed Firms?,China,,,,,,Does China's Afghan Foreign Policy Consitute a Grand Strategy?,China,,,,,,Does China��s Huge External Surplus Imply an Undervalued Renmimbi?,China,,,,,,Does ammonium-based N addition influence nitrification and acidification in humid subtropical soils of China?,China,,,,,,Dogs in China may be food or friend,China,,,,,,Doing Environment Business With China Through Cross-Cultural Networks: A Dynamic Model for Small-to-Medium Australian Enterprises,China,,,,,,Double Taxation Problems between the People��s Republic of China and Hong Kong: From a Practical Perspective.,China,Hong Kong,,,,,Double-Entry Bookkeeping in Early-Twentieth-Century China,China,,,,,,Drama among China's Southwestern minorities before 1949,China,,,,,,"Dreaming of Better Times: Repetition with a difference"" and community policing in China""",China,,,,,,"Dreaming of Red Mansions: Rights, China 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12 - 29/05/02""",China,,,,,,Levels of dioxins and polybrominated diphenyl ethers in human milk from three regions of northern China and potential dietary risk factors,China,,,,,,Li Da and Marxist Philosophy in China,China,,,,,,"Linfen, China",China,,,,,,Lingo: China Style,China,,,,,,Linguistic Uncertainty and Legal Transparency: Statutory Interpretation in China and Australia,China,,,,,,Linking employee attitudes and behaviors with business performance: A comparative analysis of hotels in Mexico and China,China,,,,,,Logic and AI in China: An Introduction,China,,,,,,"Long-term effect of chemical fertilizer, straw, and manure on soil chemical and biological properties in northwest China",China,,,,,,"Long-term tree growth rate, water use efficiency, and tree ring nitrogen isotope composition of Pinus massoniana L. in response to global climate change and local nitrogen deposition in Southern China",China,,,,,,Made in China,China,,,,,,Made in China: IT Infrastructure Policy and the Politics of Trade Opening in Post-WTO China,China,,,,,,Made it in China,China,,,,,,Managerial trust and work values within the context of international joint ventures in China,China,,,,,,Mango purchase during Chinese Spring Festival season: A comparison between China and Hong Kong,China,Hong Kong,Hong Kong,,,,Mangroves of China: a Brief Review,China,,,,,,"Marketization, democracy and economic growth in China",China,,,,,,"Marxist philosophy in China: From Qu Qiubai to Mao Zedong, 1923-1945",China,,,,,,"Material Flows and Material Productivity in China, Australia, and Japan",China,Japan,,,,,Measuring Success in Oil Import Diversification: A Comparison between China and Japan,China,Japan,,,,,"Meteorological factors are associated with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in Jiaonan County, China, 2006���2011",China,,,,,,Modelling Tourism Employment in China,China,,,,,,"Mosquitoes established in Lhasa city, Tibet, China",China,,,,,,"Mount Waitai, China",China,,,,,,Multi-host transmission dynamics of Schistosoma japonicum: the China perspective (Comment),China,,,,,,Mussel-based monitoring of trace metal and organic contaminants along the east coast of China using Perna viridis and Mytilus edulis,China,,,,,,Nadun: Ritual and the Dynamics of Cultural Diversity in Northwest China's Hehuang Region,China,,,,,,National Cultural Influences on Knowledge Sharing: A Comparison of China and Russia,China,,,,,,"National Drug Policies to Local Formulary Decisions in Thailand, China, and Australia: Drug Listing Changes and Opportunities",China,Thailand,,,,,"Nationalism, Democracy and National Integration in China",China,,,,,,Natural Infection of the Ground Squirrel (Spermophilus spp.) with Echinococcus granulosus in China,China,,,,,,"Naturalism, Nature and Questions of Style in Jinsha River Rock Art, Northwest Yunnan, China",China,,,,,,"Naturalism, nature and questions of style in Jinsha River rock art, northwest Yunnan, China",China,,,,,,New Crime in China: Public order and human rights,China,,,,,,Nitrogen deposition influences nitrogen isotope composition in soil and needles of Pinus massoniana forests along an urban-rural gradient in the Pearl River Delta of south China,China,,,,,,Non-Traditional Security Threat in China: Challenges of Energy Shortage and Infectious Diseases,China,,,,,,Nuclear Power in China: How It Really Works,China,,,,,,Nuclear energy in China: contested Regimes,China,,,,,,"Numerical study for wave-induced seabed response around offshore wind turbine foundation in Donghai offshore windfarm, Shanghai, China",China,,,,,,Numerical study on the summer upwelling system in the northern continental shelf of the South China Sea,China,,,,,,Nutrient Limitation on Ecosystem Productivity and Processes of Mature and Old-Growth Subtropical Forests in China,China,,,,,,Official Cities and Other Prefectural and County Capitals of China,China,,,,,,Oil Import Diversification in Northeast Asia: A Comparison Between China and Japan,China,Japan,,,,,On (Mis-)Conceptions of Culture as a Vehicle of Business Success. 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The Case of Fiji, 1997���2007",Pacific Islands,,,,,,Does Tourism Granger Causes Economic Growth in Fiji?,Pacific Islands,,,,,,East Timor - Five years on,Pacific Islands,,,,,,East Timor:Development Outlook,Pacific Islands,,,,,,Economic Importance of the Sugar Industry for Fiji,Pacific Islands,,,,,,Elites and Prospects of Democracy in East Timor,Pacific Islands,,,,,,Equity and Geography: The Case of Child Mortality in Papua New Guinea,Pacific Islands,,,,,,Estimating Income and Price Elasticities of Imports for Fiji in a Cointegration Framework,Pacific Islands,,,,,,Evidence of orchid visitation by Bactrocera species (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Papua New Guinea,Pacific Islands,,,,,,Fiji National Budget 2003: Building a Resilient Economy?,Pacific Islands,,,,,,Fiji's Tourism Demand: the ARDL Approach to Cointegration,Pacific Islands,,,,,,Fiji��s Tourism Industry: A SWOT Analysis,Pacific Islands,,,,,,Financial Development in Fiji,Pacific Islands,,,,,,Financial Frauds and Pseudo-States in the Pacific Islands,Pacific Islands,,,,,,"Foreign banks, profits, market power and efficiency in PICs: some evidence from Fiji",Pacific Islands,,,,,,Fruit and vegetable movement on domestic flights in Papua New Guinea and the risk of spreading pest fruit-flies (Diptera: Tephritidae),Pacific Islands,,,,,,George Speight's coup in Fiji and white-collar crime in Queensland,Pacific Islands,,,,,,HIV Type 1 in Fiji Is Caused by Subtypes C and B,Pacific Islands,,,,,,Host Plant Records for Fruit Flies (Diptera: Tephritidae: Dacini) in the Pacific Islands,Pacific Islands,,,,,,How demographic differences influence customer satisfaction with the public service delivery in Fiji,Pacific Islands,,,,,,Indigenous Responses to Tourism in Fiji: What is happening?,Pacific Islands,,,,,,Intermittent Preventive Treatment for Malaria in Papua New Guinean Infants Exposed to Plasmodium falciparum and P. vivax : A Randomized Controlled Trial,Pacific Islands,,,,,,Investigation of the effect of monocytes with Papua New Guinea sera on Plasmodium falciparum in culture,Pacific Islands,,,,,,Isolation and Structure of Hemibastadinols 1-3 from the Papua New Guinea Marine Sponge Lanthella Basta,Pacific Islands,,,,,,Isolation of natural product antimalarial compounds from tropical Queensland and Papua New Guinean plants,Pacific Islands,,,,,,Isolation of natural product antimalarial compounds from tropical Queensland and Papua New Guinean plants,Pacific Islands,,,,,,"Latifolians A and B, Novel JNK3 Kinase Inhibitors from the Papua New Guinean Plant Gnetum latifolium",Pacific Islands,,,,,,"Law and Banking Development in a South Pacific Island Economy:  The Case of Fiji, 1970-2006",Pacific Islands,,,,,,Modelling immigration flows:  an application of the bounds test to Fiji - 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East Coast Aboriginal Art Exhibition,,,,,,,Heart Foundation - East Coast Aboriginal Art Exhibition,,,,,,,Heartland,,,,,,,"Hegemonic Masculinities, the Multinational Corporation, and the Developmental State: Constructing Gender in ���Progressive�� Firms��",,,,,,,Hegemonic Masculinity and Globalization: Transnational Business Masculinities and Beyond,,,,,,,Hegemony,,,,,,,Here and There...projects from the north of deep south,,,,,,,Hero,,,,,,,Hidden ties in international new venturing: The case of portfolio entrepreneurship,,,,,,,His Master's Voice (Madame Illuminata Crack's Invention for Shackling Sonic Diversity),,,,,,,Historical and Cultural Influences on the Pacific Asia Region: Some Reflections,,,,,,,History and Culture,,,,,,,Holding Multinational Corporations Accountable for Breaches of Human Rights,,,,,,,Home is Where My Family is: Intergenerational Differences in Constructions of Belongingness in the Chinese Diaspora in Australia,,,,,,,Hotel Management: in Search of an Improved Efficiency by Integrating Project Management Principles,,,,,,,Hotel Pricing,,,,,,,How Desirable is the South Asian Free Trade Area? A Quantitative Economic Assessment,,,,,,,How Do Human Rights Prosecutions Improve Human Rights After Transition?,,,,,,,How Global Companies Make National Regulations,,,,,,,How Much Support Will The Taxpayer Provide For Us When We Are Old?,,,,,,,How Potent is Fiscal Policy in Australia?,,,,,,,How Should Macroeconomic Policy Respond to Foreign Financial Crises?,,,,,,,How Uzawa Preferences Improve the Simulation Properties of the Small Open Economy Model,,,,,,,"How to Manage for Organisational Creativity and Innovation: The Role of Organisational Space, Emotional Climate and Diversity",,,,,,,Hui (Hui),,,,,,,Human Development and Poverty Alleviation in South East and East Asia: A Post-Crisis Account,,,,,,,Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms,,,,,,,Human and Economic Security:Is There a Nexus?,,,,,,,Humanitarian Intervention,,,,,,,Humanitarian Intervention,,,,,,,Hungry Like the Wolf,,,,,,,Hyperbola of external debt: A Lesson from the Asian Crisis,,,,,,,I love travel: Clues from the primal ooze,,,,,,,IT Outsourcing Destination: Quantifying Australia's Competititve Edge through Benchmarking,,,,,,,"Identity, modernity and power in the performing arts among the Chinese diasporas",,,,,,,Ideology and Artefact: The Faltering of Dreams,,,,,,,Illustrating the past: the rock art of Southeast Asia,,,,,,,Imagined Community,,,,,,,Imagining South Asia in 2047,,,,,,,Immigrant overeducation: Evidence from recent arrivals to Australia,,,,,,,Impact of Globalization on Reproductive Health,,,,,,,Impact of trade liberalisation on a multi-region economy within an inter-regional game theoretic framework,,,,,,,"Impacts of shrimp farm effluent on water quality, benthic metabolism and N-dynamics in a mangrove forest (New Caledonia)",,,,,,,"Imperialsim, Colonialism - Nationalism in East Asia:  History Through Documents",,,,,,,Implications of the Financial Crisis for the Behavior of Global Multinational Enterprises,,,,,,,Improving hotel efficiency through integration of service and project management cultures,,,,,,,In Defense of the Responsibility to Protect,,,,,,,"In the Long Run, the Multiplier is Dead: Lessons from a Simulation",,,,,,,Inadequate Language,,,,,,,"Incomes Policies and the U.S. Commitment to Fixed Exchange Rates, 1953-1974",,,,,,,"Industrialisation, democratisation and employment relations in the Asia-Pacific",,,,,,,Industry Case Studies: Chinese Language Use,,,,,,,"Industry's Chinese Language Needs: Looking for Third Places""""",,,,,,,Industry-Relevant Smart Community Partnerships,,,,,,,Inflated Effective Marginal Tax Rates Resulting from the GST: An Empirical Assessment,,,,,,,"Inflation Expectations, Interest Rates and Arbitrary Income Transfers",,,,,,,Influence of regulation and information on environmental investment decision-making: An experimental study,,,,,,,Influence of regulation and information on environmental investment decision-making: an experimental study,,,,,,,Influence without Power: Commissions of Inquiry and the Australian Intelligence Community,,,,,,,Inner Weavings: Cultural Appropriateness for a Torres Strait Island Woman Artist of Today,,,,,,,Innovations in Macroeconomic Modelling of Population Ageing,,,,,,,Inside Beijing's Power Struggle,,,,,,,Institutional entrepreneurship in North American lightning protection standards: Rhetorical history and unintended consequences of failure,,,,,,,Integrating Coalition Theory and Third-Party Theory: Towards a Comprehensive Model of Multiparty Negotiation,,,,,,,Integrating Health and Environment: The key to an ecological public health,,,,,,,Integrating Sustainability Principles in Policy Making in Developing and Transition Economies: Case Studies in Housing and Urban Waste Management Sectors,,,,,,,Integrating sustainability principles into public sector policy-making in developing and transition economies,,,,,,,Integrating the Tourism Industry: Problems and Strategies,,,,,,,Integration of CNTs Thin Film for Sensing and Actuating Micro Structures,,,,,,,Integrative Approach to Workplace Health Management adn Workforce Development,,,,,,,Inter-organizational Negotiation: Team Dynamics and Goal Attainment,,,,,,,Inter-organizational negotiation: Team dynamics and goal attainment,,,,,,,InterImage 3,,,,,,,Intercultural Competence: Examples of Internationalizing the Curriculum through Students' Interactions,,,,,,,Intercultural Skills Training in Australian Higher Education and Community Contexts,,,,,,,Intercultural Skills for Successful Transitions,,,,,,,"Interdependencies at work:  Constituting reflection, performance, dialogue and reward",,,,,,,"Interface of the Anti-dumping and Countervailing Duty Laws, Administrative Tribunal and Economic Analysis:The Injury and Causality Tests in Canada",,,,,,,Interlocking Elites in Southeast Asia,,,,,,,International Education and Values Education in the Asia Pacific Region.,,,,,,,International English: killer language or partner language?,,,,,,,International Harmonisation and the Pacific Asia Region,,,,,,,International Macroeconomics,,,,,,,International Marketing,,,,,,,International Marketing: An Asia Pacific Focus,,,,,,,International Oil Companies and Host States: A New Bargaining Model,,,,,,,"International Oil Companies, US Government and Energy Security Policy: An Interest-Based Analysis",,,,,,,International Organizations and Economic Governance,,,,,,,International Political Economy,,,,,,,International Relations,,,,,,,International Relations Theory for the Twenty-First Century,,,,,,,International Relations: The Basics,,,,,,,International Relations: The Key Concepts,,,,,,,International Relations: The Key Concepts,,,,,,,International Society,,,,,,,International Society and its Critics,,,,,,,International Trade Negotiations,,,,,,,International Trade and Economic Growth Nexus in Australia: A Robust Evidence from Time-Series Estimators,,,,,,,International law and the state of exception,,,,,,,International mobility of capital in the OECD countries: a robust evidence from panel data estimators,,,,,,,Internationalisation at Home: Some Principles and Practices,,,,,,,"Internationalisation at home: Enhancing intercultural capabilities of business and health teachers, students and curricula",,,,,,,Internationalisation: The Slow Move from Rethoric to Practice in Australian Universities,,,,,,,Intertemporal Optimizing Models of Trade and Current Account Balance: A Survey,,,,,,,Intertidal,,,,,,,Intervention in Libya: From sovereign consent to regional consent,,,,,,,Introducing Asian Studies A & B - Open Learning Study Guide,,,,,,,Introduction,,,,,,,Introduction,,,,,,,Introduction,,,,,,,Introduction,,,,,,,Introduction,,,,,,,Introduction,,,,,,,Introduction,,,,,,,Introduction,,,,,,,Introduction,,,,,,,Introduction,,,,,,,Introduction [Chinese film stars],,,,,,,Introduction [Climate change and growth in Asia],,,,,,,Introduction [The Responsibility to Protect and International Law],,,,,,,Introduction to a special issue on soci(et)al entrepreneurship,,,,,,,Introduction to the Review Symposium on Kathryn Sikkink's The Justice Cascade: How Human Rights Prosecutions Are Changing World Politics,,,,,,,Introduction to the Special Issue: The Search for Legitimacy in Asia,,,,,,,Introduction: Australia's Uranium Trade in Domestic and International Context,,,,,,,Introduction: Blame it on Bush?,,,,,,,Introduction: Chinese Stars,,,,,,,Introduction: International Society and the English School,,,,,,,Introduction: Multiparty Negotiation: Analysis of the Literature,,,,,,,Introduction: Multiparty Negotiation: Complex Litigation and Legal Transactions,,,,,,,Introduction: Multiparty Negotiation: Theory and Practice of Public Dispute Resolution,,,,,,,Introduction: Organizational and International Negotiation: Analysis of the Literature,,,,,,,Introduction: Some Issues of Chinese Economic Reform,,,,,,,Introduction: The Politics and Challenges of Providing Peacekeepers,,,,,,,Introduction: Thinking anew about peace operations,,,,,,,Introduction: Workplace Bullying: Perspectives on a Manpower Challenge,,,,,,,Introduction: foreign policy and the limits of democratic debate,,,,,,,Intuition in organizations - new research developments: Challenges in research design,,,,,,,Intuition: A Secret Tool of Female Managers or an Untapped Resource for All - Unlocking Frozen Assets of Effective Decision making,,,,,,,Intuition: Myth or a Decision-making Tool?,,,,,,,Intuitive Decision-Making Among Leaders: More Than Just Shooting From the Hip,,,,,,,Intuitive profile of film makers,,,,,,,Investigating the interaction effect of democracy and economic freedom on corruption: a cross-country quantile regression analysis,,,,,,,Is 'genocide' still a powerful word?,,,,,,,Is Finance Accessible to All in South Asia?,,,,,,,Is There an International Duty to Protect Persons in the Event of an Epidemic?,,,,,,,Is chytridiomycosis an emerging infectious disease in Asia?,,,,,,,Is idiosyncratic volatility priced?: Evidence from the Shanghai Stock Exchange,,,,,,,"Is it even espoused? An exploratory study of commitment to sustainability as evidenced in vision, mission, and graduate attribute statements in Australian universities",,,,,,,Is the War on Terror Just?,,,,,,,"Is there a consensus"" towards transparency international's corruption perceptions index?""",,,,,,,Is there a Long-Run Relationship between Exports and Imports? Evidence from Two Pacific Island Countries,,,,,,,Islam,,,,,,,Islands of the Imagination: Representations of the Spice Islands from Pre-Colonial to Post-Colonial Times,,,,,,,Issues in Australian Foreign Policy - July to December 2007,,,,,,,Issues in Australian Foreign Policy: January to June 2010,,,,,,,Issues in Australian Foreign Policy: July to December 2004,,,,,,,It Is Time to Reexamine the Role of Stock Markets in Developing Economies,,,,,,,It's been a bad day please don't take my picture,,,,,,,"It's the Government Stupid! Globalisation, Government and Equality in Australia",,,,,,,It��s Time to Scrap the NPT,,,,,,,"It��s been a bad day, please don��t take my picture",,,,,,,I��m too clever for this job: a bivariate probit analysis on overeducation and job satisfaction in Australia,,,,,,,Jackie Chan: A New Dragon for a New Generation,,,,,,,Je Ne Regrette Rien? Variables Related to the Experience of Regret,,,,,,,Jet Li: 'Wushu Master' in sport and film,,,,,,,John Burton versus International Relations: The Costs of Criticism,,,,,,,Joining & Belonging,,,,,,,"Journal of World Business special issue: Institutions, entrepreneurship and co-evolution in international business",,,,,,,"Justice, Terror and the Keepers of Collective Memory",,,,,,,Kampuchea: Towards a Proper Solution,,,,,,,Kebatinan and the Kejawen Traditions,,,,,,,Keystone Doctrine Development in Canada and Australia,,,,,,,Kosovo and the Advent of Sovereignty as Responsibility,,,,,,,Labor and Gender,,,,,,,Lag Selection of the Augmented Kapetanios-Shin-Snell Nonlinear Unit Root Test,,,,,,,"Land Wars, Part 1 Shift",,,,,,,"Language and Power in an Academic Context: The Effects of Status, Ethnicity and Sex",,,,,,,Language and identity in East Timor: The discourses of nation building,,,,,,,"Language choice as an index of identity: linguistic landscape in Dili, Timor-Leste",,,,,,,"Language, culture and literacy in the internationalisation process of Higher Education",,,,,,,Latrocinium Maritimus: The Social Construction of Piracy,,,,,,,Law and Society in Confucian Thought,,,,,,,Law of the Sea,,,,,,,Learning Each Other's Language:octrine and AFP-ADF Interoperability,,,,,,,Learning English and other languages in multilingual settings: principles of multilingual performance and proficiency,,,,,,,Learning at the Screenface: A Pentadic Analysis of Email Discussion Lists,,,,,,,Learning for a Sustainable Environment: An Agenda for Teacher Education in Asia and the Pacific,,,,,,,Learning to Fly: The Evolution of Political Risk Analysis,,,,,,,Learning ���about practice�� whilst ���in practice�� - a student teacher globalized immersion in Vanuatu,,,,,,,Lee Kuan Yew: Dissident Democrat or Pragmatic Prince?,,,,,,,Legitimising Rejection: International Refugee Law in Southeast Asia,,,,,,,Lessons in precaution: the International Whaling Commission experience with precautionary management,,,,,,,Level Launch Exhibition,,,,,,,Lew Yoke,,,,,,,Libya and the Responsibility to Protect: The Exception and the Norm,,,,,,,"Libyan Attitudes towards Islamic Methods of Finance: An Empirical Analysis of Retail Consumers, Business Firms and Banks",,,,,,,Life Satisfaction in Australia: Evidence from Ten Years of the HILDA Survey,,,,,,,Linda Dennis and Zoe Porter Trans,,,,,,,Linguistic imperialism? English as a global language,,,,,,,Linkages between traditional security and human security.,,,,,,,Liquid Lifestyles and Business Cycles: An Evolutionary Theory of Fashion,,,,,,,"Lissoclinotoxins E and F, novel cytotoxic alkaloids from a Philippine didemnid ascidian",,,,,,,Listening to Theatre:  The avral dimension of Beijing Opera,,,,,,,Local Politics and International Partnerships: The UN Operation in Cote d'Ivoire (UNOCI),,,,,,,Locating the ���Everyday�� in International Political Economy: That Roar Which Lies on the Other Side of Silence,,,,,,,Long memory properties of real interest rates for 16 countries,,,,,,,Long-Term Policy Trends and Major Challenges in Agriculture,,,,,,,Look Again : Using Chinese Examples to Rethink Gender in the Cinema,,,,,,,"Lorena says: Don't get mad, get even",,,,,,,Losing Control? The Privatisation of Anti-piracy Services in Southeast Asia,,,,,,,MBA White Paper - Understanding the significance of the Asian Century,,,,,,,"Macro drivers of Australian housing affordability, 1985-2010 An autoregressive distributed lag approach",,,,,,,Macroeconomic Adjustment in South Asian Nations: What Impact on Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation?,,,,,,,Macroeconomic Policy in an Output - Expenditure Model,,,,,,,Madame Illuminata Crack's Phantasmagorical Armchair Exhibit for Ecologically Sustainable Recreation,,,,,,,Mainstreaming climate change adaptation through technology transfer in developing countries: Strategies to enhance sustainable economic development in the South-Asia region,,,,,,,Mainstreaming climate change adaptation: An incremental approach to disaster risk management in Australia,,,,,,,Mainstreaming the Responsibility to Protect in Peace Operations,,,,,,,"Mainstreaming the Responsibility to Protect in the United Nations System: Dilemmas, Challenges and Opportunities",,,,,,,Making Australian Foreign Policy,,,,,,,"Making Multicultural Group-Work, Work!",,,,,,,Making RtoP a Living Reality: Reflections on the 2012 General Assembly Dialogue on Timely and Decisive Response,,,,,,,Making Sense of Anti-Americanism,,,,,,,Making it Modern - The Watercolours of Kenneth McQueen,,,,,,,Making migrant domestic work visible: The rights based approach to migration and the ���challenges of social reproduction��,,,,,,,Management - Australasian Edition,,,,,,,Managers in the firing line: Contributing factors to workplace bullying by staff - an interview study,,,,,,,Managing Community Involvement: Towards a benchmarking schema,,,,,,,Managing Diversity: women managers in Asia,,,,,,,Managing in Asia,,,,,,,Managing the Health Effects of Temperature in Response to Climate Change: Challenges Ahead,,,,,,,Maritime Piracy in Southeast Asia,,,,,,,Mark Adams and the Politics of Pe'A,,,,,,,Market Expectations and Option Prices: Evidence for the DAX 30,,,,,,,Market risk in demutualized self-listed stock exchanges: An international analysis of selected time-varying betas,,,,,,,Marrying economics and environment: Fiscal sustainability,,,,,,,Martin Smith's First Cut,,,,,,,"Mass Higher Education, Public Funding and Human Capital Accumulation",,,,,,,Mass Killing and the Politics of Legitimacy: Empire and the Ideology of Selective Extermination,,,,,,,Massacres and Morality: Mass Atrocities in an Age of Civilian Immunity,,,,,,,Massacres and Morality: Mass Killing in an Age of Civilian Immunity,,,,,,,Material Evidence: Jenny Watson Works on Fabric 1981-2005,,,,,,,Material Witness: 15th Tamworth Textile Biennal,,,,,,,Materials for the ELT Classroom in the Post-Anglophone Period,,,,,,,May 13: a review of some controversies in accounts of the riots,,,,,,,Meaning Transfer in Consecutive Interpreting: a Functional Description of Chinese Government Press Conference Interpreting,,,,,,,Measuring Affective States,,,,,,,Measuring Communication Impact for University Advertising Materials,,,,,,,Measuring Emotion: Methodological Issues and Alternatives,,,,,,,Measuring communication impact for university advertising materials,,,,,,,Measuring student Quality Variables and the Implications for management practices in Higher Education Institutions: An Australian and international student perspective,,,,,,,Measuring the Extent of Impact from Occupational Violence and Bullying on Traumatised Workers,,,,,,,Mediating the Global Order: The Past and Future of Asia-Pacific Regional Organizations,,,,,,,Mei Lanfang,,,,,,,Melaleuca Alternifolia Concentrate inhibits in Vitro Entry of Influenza Virus into Host Cells,,,,,,,Memento Mori: A Personal Story of Impermanance,,,,,,,Micro- or macro-moralities? Economic discourses and policy possibilities,,,,,,,"Microcionamides A and B, bioactive peptides from the philippine sponge Clathria (Thalysias) abietina.",,,,,,,Micropayments in E-Commerce:  Some Key Issues,,,,,,,Middle-Class Chinese Migrant in Australia:  A Socio-Demographic Profile 1991-1996.,,,,,,,"Middle-Class Chinese Migrant in Australia:  Settlement, Needs and Dilemmas.",,,,,,,Migration and Refugees,,,,,,,Military Intervention,,,,,,,Minimum Wages in the Asia Pacific Region,,,,,,,"Minorities: Achievements and Problems in the Economy, National Integration and Foreign Relations",,,,,,,Misconceptions about intuition,,,,,,,Modeling the intraday return volatility process in the Australian equity market: An examination of the role of information arrival in S&P/ASX 50 stocks,,,,,,,Modelling Inter-Regional Strategic Interactions within a General Equilibrium Framework,,,,,,,Modelling and Control of National and Regional Economics,,,,,,,Modelling and Control of National and Regional Economies,,,,,,,Modelling price and volatility inter-relationships in the Australian wholesale spot electricity markets,,,,,,,Modelling price and volatility relationships in the Australian wholesale spot electricity markets using constant and dynamic conditional correlation multivariate GARCH models,,,,,,,Modelling spot prices in deregulated wholesale electricity markets: a selected empirical review,,,,,,,Modernising water: articulating custom in water governance in Australia and East Timor,,,,,,,Modifying the Taylor-Romer Model of Macroeconomic Stabilisation for Teaching Purposes,,,,,,,"Money Creation, Banks and Macroeconomic Instability",,,,,,,Monthly seasonality in currency returns: 1972-2010,,,,,,,More Than Meets the Eye? Experientiality/Intuition and Rational Analysis Revisited,,,,,,,More than Meets the Eye? Intuition and Analysis Revisited,,,,,,,"Moreton Bay Art Prize, Finalists exhibition.",,,,,,,Mother tongue-based multilingual education: A new direction for Timor-Leste,,,,,,,"Mulltilateralism, Nationalism and the Problem of Agency in International Theory",,,,,,,Multi-media in the Chinese Classroom: A Tones Package,,,,,,,Multiage Education: Allowing Connections for Pan Pacific Islander Students of Polynesian background.,,,,,,,Multidimensional Racial Inequality in the United States,,,,,,,Multidimensional Racial Inequality in the United States,,,,,,,Multilateral Negotiation and the Management of Complexity,,,,,,,Multiparty Negotiation and the Management of Complexity,,,,,,,Multiparty Negotiation: An Introduction to Theory and Practice,,,,,,,Multiparty Negotiation: Complex Litigation and Legal Transactions,,,,,,,Multiparty Negotiation: Organizational and International Negotiation,,,,,,,Multiparty Negotiation: Theory and Practice of Public Dispute Resolution,,,,,,,Multiparty Negotiation: What is it?,,,,,,,Municipal Public Health Planning and Implementation in Local Government in Queensland,,,,,,,"Music and performing arts: tradition, reform and political and social relevance",,,,,,,M�_i dan or m��i dan?: ���I come to buy the bill not to bury it��,,,,,,,NALSAS Report,,,,,,,NETWORK CAPITALISM. Chinese business linkages traced through website analysis.,,,,,,,Nalini Malani:  Hamletmachine,,,,,,,"Narratives of Internationalisation: Legitimacy, Standards and Portfolio Entrepreneurs",,,,,,,National Asian Languages and Studies in Australian Schools Taskforce: A Report,,,,,,,National Identity Versus State Sovereignty: International Relations Theory Confronts the Future,,,,,,,National Security and Pandemics,,,,,,,National saving and population ageing,,,,,,,Nationalism,,,,,,,Natural Disasters and the Responsibility to Protect,,,,,,,Negative Impact of Adverse Events on National Immunization Programs and the Appropriate Responses,,,,,,,Negotiating the challenges to innovative ELT pedagogies in Asia,,,,,,,Negotiation Linkage Dynamics: Consecutive and Concurrent Linkages,,,,,,,Negotiation Linkage Strategies: Risks and Opportunities,,,,,,,Negotiation Process and Negotiation Context,,,,,,,Negotiation Skill: How Nintendo Bought a Major League Team,,,,,,,Negotiation and Learning at work,,,,,,,"Neo-Liberal Idealism, state building and the Washington Consensus: a story (still) under development",,,,,,,Neoconservatism and American Foreign Policy: A Critical Analysis,,,,,,,"Neoliberal idealism, State Building, and the Washington Consensus: A Story of Underdevelopment",,,,,,,Network cohesion in global expansion: An evolutionary view,,,,,,,New Developments in the Economics of Ageing,,,,,,,New Global Agenda for Poverty Alleviation: Some Preliminary Observations,,,,,,,New History Inside Hu Jintao's Foreign Policy: 'Harmony' versus 'Hegemony',,,,,,,New Measures of Factor Productivity in Australia:   A Sato Approach,,,,,,,New actors and the state:  Addressing maritime security threats in Southeast Asia,,,,,,,New evidence of financial integration in Asian markets,,,,,,,Nigger Bredman; Making my mark,,,,,,,Ningxia,,,,,,,No Islands in the sun: Anti-colonialism and Identity politics in south pacific literature,,,,,,,"No Pain, No Gain? Torture and ethics in the war on terror",,,,,,,No.5 Coping with Cultural Difference. Supervising Chinese Postgraduate Students,,,,,,,Non-Traditional Security: The Case of Environmental Challenges in the Mekong Subregion,,,,,,,Norfolk Island and Its Tax Haven,,,,,,,"Norms, interests and humanitarian intervention",,,,,,,Nowhere to hide: informal disease surveillance networks tracing state behaviour,,,,,,,Nuclear Disarmament and the 2010 NPT Review Conference,,,,,,,Nuclear Energy Development in Asia: Problems and Prospects,,,,,,,Nuclear Energy in Asia: An Overview,,,,,,,Nuclear Weapons and Power in the 21st Century,,,,,,,"Nuclear non-proliferation trends in the Asia-Pacific:the dilemmas of regime stasis, strategic flux and market expansion",,,,,,,Nuclear proliferation in Northeast Asia: The Quest for Security,,,,,,,Nuclear weapons and non-proliferation: Is restraint sustainable?,,,,,,,Numerous Shorter Entries,,,,,,,"Nutrition and morbidity: acute lower respiratory tract infections, diarrhoea and malaria.",,,,,,,"O Globalisation, Where Art Thou? [Book reviews]",,,,,,,OCIS and Beyond: International Relations in Australia: Introduction,,,,,,,Obstacles to Bank Financing of Micro and Small Enterprises: Empirical Evidence from the Pacific with some Policy Implications,,,,,,,"Ocean governance, maritime security and the consequences of modernity in Northeast Asia",,,,,,,Off the Blocks,,,,,,,Old problems in a new century?,,,,,,,"On Messages and Media, Clocks and Cannibal Chiefs",,,,,,,On Re-engaging Asia,,,,,,,On a Roll:  Art and Social Justice,,,,,,,On maintaining the power of the Kapetanios-Snell-Shin (KSS) test under uncertain initial conditions,,,,,,,"On the Limits of Moral Hazard: the Responsibility to Protect, Armed Conflict and Mass Atrocities",,,,,,,"On the Meaning of Responsibility"" in the ""Responsibility to Protect""""",,,,,,,On the Training of Feed-Forward Artificial Neural Networks for Economic Time Series Forecasts Using Scarce and Noisy Data.,,,,,,,On the behavior of global multinational enterprises during the 1997 Asian financial crisis,,,,,,,On the oversized problem of Dickey-Fuller-type tests with GARCH errors,,,,,,,On the power of modified Kapetanios-Snell-Shin (KSS) tests,,,,,,,On the power of the multivariate KPSS test of stationarity against fractionally integrated alternatives,,,,,,,On the size and power of testing for no autocorrelation under weak assumptions,,,,,,,"One Nation and Privatisation: Populist Ethnic Nationalism, Class and International Political Economy",,,,,,,Onset aging conditions of adults with an intellectual disability associated with primary caregiver depression,,,,,,,Ooga Booga,,,,,,,Opportunity Lost: Zones of War and the War on Terror,,,,,,,Optimal Pollution Abatement Under ���Sustainable�� and Other Social Time Preferences,,,,,,,Optimising Conditions for Learning sociocultural Competencies for Success,,,,,,,Organic food: Observations of Chinese purchasing behaviours,,,,,,,Organisational Change to Health Promoting Hospitals:  A Review of the Literature,,,,,,,Organisational Effectiveness of Immigrant Staff in Australia: Sustaining a Culturally Diverse Workforce,,,,,,,Organisations Looking Ahead: Challenges and Directions,,,,,,,Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC),,,,,,,"Organizational values, organizational relationships and knowledge management: the case study of the Italian branch of a German MNC",,,,,,,Organized crime in Asia: A review of problems and progress,,,,,,,Other Abu Graibs Preferred,,,,,,,Other Msconceptions,,,,,,,Other-Regarding Uzawa Preferences and Living Standard Catch-Up,,,,,,,Over the Top: Tall Tales from the Legendary North,,,,,,,PBOC��s Rise to Top a Story of Deft Politics Amid Turmoil,,,,,,,PEEL ISLAND - The Artist's Residencies,,,,,,,"PY�_N Is��k, Tang Chang��an �_i Silla saj��k.  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Privatising Maritime Security in Southeast Asia,,,,,,,States of Disorder: Understanding State Failure and Intervention in the Periphery,,,,,,,"States of Exceptionality: Provisional Disability, its Mitigation and Citizenship",,,,,,,"States, Markets and Economic Security in Post Crisis East Asia",,,,,,,Stitching-up the labour market,,,,,,,"Stochastic price modeling of high volatility, mean-reverting, spike-prone commodities: The Australian wholesale spot electricity market",,,,,,,Stock Returns and Holding Periods,,,,,,,Stories to tell: the Bentinck painters,,,,,,,Strange Inhabitants,,,,,,,Strange Playground,,,,,,,Strange Tales From Strange Lands: Stories by Zheng Wenlong,,,,,,,Strategic Assessment in the White Paper,,,,,,,"Strategic Assessment, Decision Making, and Uncertainty",,,,,,,Strategic Culture,,,,,,,Strategic Culture and Conflict Management in the Asia Pacific,,,,,,,Strategic Cultures in the Asia Pacific Region,,,,,,,Strategic Dimension,,,,,,,Strategic Responses to Globalization and Workforce Pressure: The Development of Health-Promoting Workplaces,,,,,,,Strategically managing negotiation linkage dynamics,,,,,,,Strategies of Accomodation: Development of a Coding System for Conversational Interaction,,,,,,,"Strategy, Choice and the Skilled Legal Negotiator",,,,,,,Strong in the City,,,,,,,"Structural Adaptation and 'Success' in the Transplantation of an Asian New Religious Movement: The Brahma Kumaris in the Western World, Part 1",,,,,,,Structural Violence,,,,,,,Structural determinants of human rights prosecution after democratic transition,,,,,,,"Students' Value Orientations, Intuitive Decision Making, and Motivational Interference, and Their Relations to Regret",,,,,,,Successes and failures in language planning for European languages in Asian nations,,,,,,,Sufism and the 'Modern' in Islam,,,,,,,Sufism and the 'Modern' in Islam,,,,,,,"Sufism dan Modern"" dalam Islam""",,,,,,,Sufisme dan Islam Liberal [Sufism and Liberal Islam],,,,,,,Sugar Bag Gallery,,,,,,,Sugar Bag Gallery at the Dreaming Festival,,,,,,,Sugar Bag Gallery.,,,,,,,Sugarbag Gallery @ The Dreaming Festival,,,,,,,Suicide Terrorism,,,,,,,Superannuation Tax Reform: Fiscal Consequences,,,,,,,"Superannuation, owner-occupied housing demand and private saving in Australia",,,,,,,"Superannuation, population ageing and living standards in Australia",,,,,,,Support processes for first year local and international students: implications for practice,,,,,,,Surrounded by wars: quantifying the role of spatial conflict spillovers,,,,,,,Suspending death in Chinese capital cases: The road to reform?,,,,,,,Sustainability and decision-making in the Australian petroleum industry,,,,,,,Sustainable Development in the Small States of the South Pacific: Toward a Corporate Social Responsibility for International Banks,,,,,,,Sustainable business strategy and climate change adaptation: The case of the oil and gas industry in Australia,,,,,,,Sustainable resource development in Asia: challenges and opportunities,,,,,,,Systematic Studies on the Scincid Lizards of New Caledonia,,,,,,,"Systematic features of high-frequency volatility in Australian electricity markets: Intraday patterns, information arrival and calendar effects",,,,,,,Systemic Pressures and the Intersubjective Bases of State Autonomy in Russia: A Constructivist-Institutionalist Theory of Economic Crisis and Change,,,,,,,Take your partners: the response of business and community to the call for socially responsible partnerships,,,,,,,Taking Asia Seriously,,,,,,,Taming the tigers? 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International Refugee Law in Asia,,,,,,,"The Asian century, sustainable growth and climate change: Responsible futures matter",,,,,,,The Australian Decision to Join the Coalition,,,,,,,The Australian-American Alliance: Beyond Demystification,,,,,,,The Baby Bonus: A Dubious Policy Initiative,,,,,,,The Balance of Payments and the Exchange Rate,,,,,,,The Basic Concepts of Health and Health Determinants,,,,,,,The Beginning of The End?,,,,,,,The Best in the World: On competition and cultural diversity,,,,,,,"The Brahma Kumaris in the Western World, Part 11: Demographic Change and Secularization in an Asian New Religious Movement",,,,,,,The Brief Introduction of Health Impact Assessment,,,,,,,The Brisbane Line,,,,,,,The Car Paradox,,,,,,,"The Case for Integrating Accounting, Finance and Economics in Teaching the GFC through a Problem-Based Learning Approach",,,,,,,The Challenge of Self Managed Work Teams: A Vehicle for Organisational Empowerment,,,,,,,The Challenges confronting US extended nuclear assurance in Asia,,,,,,,The Challenges of Piracy in Southeast Asia and the Role of Australia,,,,,,,The Changing Face of Women Managers in Asia,,,,,,,The Changing Public-Private Infrastructure Mix: Economy-wide Implications,,,,,,,The Chinese Economy in Transition: From Plan to Market,,,,,,,"The Closing of the Frontier: A History of the Marine Fisheries of Southeast Asia, c.1850-2000",,,,,,,The Closing of the Frontier: A Roundtable Response,,,,,,,The Compleat Analyst: Contemplating Strategic Intelligence in an Age of International Terrorism,,,,,,,The Critique of Equilibrium Theory of Joan Robinson: An Evaluation,,,,,,,"The Current Account, Fiscal Policy and Medium Run Income Determination",,,,,,,The Dali Lama and his Visit to Australia,,,,,,,The Debate Over The Gains From Preferential Trade Liberalization in the CGE Models - Further Investigation,,,,,,,The Defense Lawyer in the Scales of Chinese Criminal Justice,,,,,,,The Defense Lawyer in the Scales of Chinese Criminal Justice,,,,,,,"The Development of Indicators to Build Connections between Land, Environment and Health at the Local Level",,,,,,,"The Differential Impact of Policy Intervention on Fatalities among Drivers and Non-driving Road Users in Queensland, 1989-2006",,,,,,,The Directions and Development of Public Health,,,,,,,The Domestic Politics of Globalisation,,,,,,,The Domestic Politics of Globalisation,,,,,,,The Dynamic Effects of Fiscal Stimulus in a Two-Sector Open Economy,,,,,,,The East Asian Financial Crisis and South Asia,,,,,,,"The Ecology of Language Planning in Timor-Leste:  A Study of Language Policy, Planning and Practices in Identity Construction",,,,,,,The Economic Impact of Defence in the Darwin Region,,,,,,,The Economics of Carbon Abatement: An Integrated Diagrammatic Framework,,,,,,,The Effect of Population Ageing on the Distribution of Taxable Incomes of Individuals in Australia,,,,,,,The Effects of Family Benefits on Childbearing Decisions: A Household Optimising Approach Applied to Australia,,,,,,,The End of International Relations?,,,,,,,The English School,,,,,,,The Ethics and Laws of War,,,,,,,The Ethics of Terror Bombing: Beyond supreme emergency,,,,,,,The Exploratory Review of Theory and Planning Strategy for Workplace Health Promotion,,,,,,,The Fabric of Art: Investigating the Relationships of Power Between Fabric & Fine Art Through Frank Stella's 'Black Paintings' (1958-1960),,,,,,,The Financial Satisfaction of African Immigrants in Australia,,,,,,,The Fiscal Policy Response to the Global Financial Crisis: A Critique,,,,,,,The Foreign Exchange Market,,,,,,,The Foundations of Order in the Asia-Pacific,,,,,,,The Fraser Government's ���Uranium Decision�� and the Foundations of Australian Non-Proliferation Policy: A Reappraisal,,,,,,,The Future Challenges for Workplace Health and Safety Professionals: Needs and Supports for Small Workplaces,,,,,,,The Future Pacific Economic Order: Australia's role,,,,,,,The Future of the Changing Face of Women Managers in Asia,,,,,,,The GST Package: Has the Senate Resolved the Controversies?,,,,,,,The Gender Dimensions of New Labour��s International Development Policy,,,,,,,The General Practice Road Safety Gridlock,,,,,,,The Generation and Sharing of Knowledge within Organisations: Macro-level and Micro-level Influences on Individual Knowledge Sharing Orientation and Behaviour,,,,,,,The Global Financial Crisis and Undergraduate Macroeconomics,,,,,,,The Global Financial Crisis: Lessons and Challenges for Banking Sectors in the South Pacific,,,,,,,The Great Transformation?  The Political Economy of Structural Change in Australia,,,,,,,The Healthy Trends of International Relations Research,,,,,,,The Hero War,,,,,,,The Historical Context,,,,,,,"The Howard paradox: Australian diplomacy in Asia, 1996-2006",,,,,,,"The IHR (2005), Disease Surveillance, and the Individual in Global Health Politics",,,,,,,The Idea-Image: Conceptualizing Landscape in Recent Martial Arts Movies,,,,,,,The Ideology of Law and Order,,,,,,,The Impact of Intuition on Motivation: The Flow Theory Perspective,,,,,,,The Impact of Stock Exchange Demutualisation on Time-Varying Market Risk,,,,,,,The Impact of the Civil War on Tourism and the Regional Economy,,,,,,,The Inflexible Yuan and Global Imbalances,,,,,,,The Institutionalisation of Peacebuilding: What Role for the UN Peacebuilding Commission?,,,,,,,"The Institutionalist Roots of Macroprudential Ideas: Veblen and Galbraith on Regulation, Policy Success and Overconfidence",,,,,,,The International Deployment Group,,,,,,,The International 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Colonial Legacies and the Global Spiritual Marketplace in Southeast Asia",,,,,,,The Newly Industrialising Economies of East Asia,,,,,,,The Next Mr RMB?,,,,,,,The Other Asian Miracle: The Decline of Mass Atrocities in East Asia,,,,,,,The Other Special Relationship: United States-Australia Relations at the Start of the Twenty-First Century,,,,,,,"The PBoC, The Liquidity Squeeze, and Market Liberalisation",,,,,,,The Peel Island Artists' Residencies,,,,,,,The Peel Island Artists' Residencies,,,,,,,The Performing Bear and Leviathan,,,,,,,The Political Economy of East Asia at a time of crisis,,,,,,,The Political Economy of East Asia:Post-crisis Debates,,,,,,,The Politics of Misinterpretation,,,,,,,The Politics of Nuclear Energy in Asia,,,,,,,"The Politics of Prosperity: vulnerability, luck and the lessons of history",,,,,,,The Preliminary Analysis of Evaluation in Workplace Health Promotion.,,,,,,,The Prevention of Mass Atrocities: From Principle to Australian Foreign Policy,,,,,,,The Privatisation of Maritime Security - Maritime Security in Southeast Asia: Between a rock and a hard place?,,,,,,,The Productive Effects of Public Infrastructure: What Do the Data Say?,,,,,,,The Proposed Privatisation of Queensland Motorways,,,,,,,The Public Accounts and Fiscal Policy,,,,,,,The Re-Globalisation of the Australian Economy,,,,,,,"The Real Exchange Rate, National Income and the Efficacy of Macropolicy",,,,,,,The Regional Outlook,,,,,,,The Relationship Between the Implementation of Safety Management Systems and Attitudes Towards Unsafe Acts in Aviation,,,,,,,The Relationship between Psychopathy and the Full Range Leadership Model,,,,,,,The Responsibilities of Victory: Jus Post Bellum and the Just War,,,,,,,The Responsibility to Protect Beyond Borders,,,,,,,The Responsibility to Protect and International Law,,,,,,,The Responsibility to Protect and International Law,,,,,,,The Responsibility to Protect and International Law,,,,,,,The Responsibility to Protect and the problem of military intervention,,,,,,,The Responsibility to Protect in Southeast Asia: Between Non-Interference and Sovereignty as Responsibility,,,,,,,The Responsibility to Protect: A Wide or Narrow Conception?,,,,,,,The Responsibility to Protect: Added Value or Hot Air?,,,,,,,The Return of the Obsolescing Bargain and the Decline of Big Oil: A Study of Bargaining in the Contemporary Oil Industry,,,,,,,The Rise and Fall of revenue Farming: Business Elites and the Emergance of the Modern State in Southeast Asia,,,,,,,The Rise of Anti-Americanism,,,,,,,The Role of Affect in Measuring Intuition,,,,,,,The Role of Affective Climate in a Shamanic Problem-Solving Method,,,,,,,The Role of Cantonese Opera in Chinese Traditional Theatre,,,,,,,The Role of Communication in Recruitment and Selection in Australia,,,,,,,The Role of Customary Law in Access and Benefit-sharing and Traditional Knowledge Governance: Perspectives from Andean and Pacific Island Countries,,,,,,,The Role of Intuition in Innovative Problem Solving,,,,,,,The Role of Intuition in Strategic Decision Making,,,,,,,The Role of Private Security Companies in Securing the Malacca Straits,,,,,,,The Roots of Military Doctrine: Change and Continuity in Understanding the Practice of Warfare,,,,,,,The Roots of Piracy in Southeast Asia,,,,,,,The Second Coming of Jean Baudrillard,,,,,,,The Sheila's Biennale,,,,,,,"The Soul of Beijing Opera: Theatrical Creativity and Continuity in the Changing World, by Li Ruru",,,,,,,The State of Globalisation and the Globalisation of the State,,,,,,,The Third Wave of the Uranium Export Debate: Towards the Fracturing of Australia's Nuclear 'Grand Bargain',,,,,,,The Three-Trillion-Dollar Question,,,,,,,The Transtheoretical Model: A Theoretical Framework for Organic Food Penetration,,,,,,,The Turn to Truth: Trends in Truth Commission Experimentation,,,,,,,The UN Security Council and the Question of Humanitarian Intervention in Darfur,,,,,,,"The US, the USSR and the Berlin Crises: Perceptions and Motivations",,,,,,,The Undergraduate Fee and Enrolment Decisions Facing Australian Universities from 2005,,,,,,,The Volatility of Australia's Exchange Rate: A Synthesis,,,,,,,The Volatility of Australia's Exchange Rate: A Synthesis,,,,,,,The Volatility of the Australian Exchange Rate at Different Periodicities,,,,,,,The Vulnerable Country: Australia and the Global Economy,,,,,,,The WTO agricultural negotiations in the Doha Development Round: Why Australian and EU positions Differ?,,,,,,,The Welfare Cost of Capital Controls,,,,,,,The West and Peace Operations,,,,,,,The Year in Review,,,,,,,The aging workforce and its implications -- Australia and overseas development,,,,,,,The antecedents of 'sovereignty as responsibility',,,,,,,The art of Fiona Hall,,,,,,,The bullied boss: A conceptual exploration of upwards bullying,,,,,,,The challenge of integrating climate change adaptation and disaster risk management: Lessons from bushfire and flood inquiries in an Australian context,,,,,,,The communicative strategies of ASEAN speakers of English as a lingua franca,,,,,,,The concept of globalization and How this has impacted on Contemporary Muslim understanding of Ummah,,,,,,,The contribution of a cross-cultural adjustment framework to work-role transitions,,,,,,,The contribution of increases in family benefits to Australia's early 21st-century fertility increase: An empirical analysis,,,,,,,The control of childhood infectious diseases through global vaccination,,,,,,,The costs of workplace bullying,,,,,,,The development of a management information system for identifying and managing corporate image,,,,,,,"The development of health promoting hospitals in Tri-Service General Hospital: profile of staff's health, smoking status and the determinations.",,,,,,,The development of indicators of sustainability at the local level: Methodology and key issues,,,,,,,The development of indicators of sustainability at the local level: methodology and key issues,,,,,,,The dog that didn��t bark: The Bush administration and East Asian regionalism,,,,,,,The duty to report disease outbreaks: of interest or value? Lessons from H5N1,,,,,,,The economics of sustainability in the context of climate change: An overview,,,,,,,The effect of later Retirement on Optimal national Saving in Australia,,,,,,,The evolution of Engel curves and its implications for structural change theory,,,,,,,The evolution of the international business field: a scientometric investigation of articles published in its premier journal,,,,,,,The excelL program for international students,,,,,,,The flash-lag effect and equiluminance.,,,,,,,The impending shift to an older mix of workers: Perspectives from the management and economics literatures,,,,,,,The instructor's optimal mix of teaching methods,,,,,,,The interaction effect of economic freedom and democracy on corruption: A panel cross-country analysis,,,,,,,"The interference of low back pain on everyday functions of life in care workers for persons with intellectual, autistic, and associated multiple disabilities: The Brief Pain Inventory short form (BPI-SF)survey",,,,,,,The international community's responsibility to protect,,,,,,,The international community's responsibility to protect,,,,,,,The international politics of disease reporting: Towards post-Westphalianism?,,,,,,,The labour supply and saving effects of superannuation tax changes,,,,,,,The lingua franca approach to the teaching of English: A possible pathway to genuine multilingualism in local languages and English,,,,,,,"The marine animals of Southeast Asia : Towards a demographic history, 1850-2000",,,,,,,"The marine fisheries of the Western Archipleago: toward an economic history, 1850-1960s��",,,,,,,The maritime dimension of energy security,,,,,,,"The meaning of an inflation crisis: steel, Enron, and macroeconomic policy",,,,,,,The minority nationalities,,,,,,,The multilingual teacher and the multilingual curriculum: An Asian example of intercultural communication in the new era,,,,,,,"The new politics of protection? C��te d'Ivoire, Libya and the responsibility to protect",,,,,,,"The nexus between nationalism, democracy and national integration",,,,,,,"The nutrition awareness, attitudes and behaviours of Pacific Islander athletes in Australia",,,,,,,The policy (in)effectiveness of government spending in a dependent economy,,,,,,,The political economy of tropical deforestation: assessing models and motives,,,,,,,The politics of uncertainty: the International Whaling Commission's road to management by moratoria,,,,,,,The post-fordist military: an inquiry into the political economy of private military comparnies.,,,,,,,The power of malicious gossip,,,,,,,The power of the pram: do young children determine female job satisfaction?,,,,,,,The privatisation of maritime security in Southeast Asia: the impact on regional security cooperation,,,,,,,The relationship between energy spot and future prices: Evidence from the Australian electricity market,,,,,,,The responsibility to protect - five years on,,,,,,,The responsibility to protect and Australian foreign policy,,,,,,,The responsibility to protect in the Asia-Pacific region,,,,,,,The role of clusters in preventing tourism decline: a conceptual and empirical examination,,,,,,,The role of intuition in intrinsic motivation: an organizational and learning perspective,,,,,,,The role of intuition in knowledge management: An emerging perspective from film making,,,,,,,The salt farm and the fishing industry of Bagan Si Api Api,,,,,,,The shared responsibility of disease surveillance,,,,,,,The state of the art on the art of state building,,,,,,,The transnational capitalist class and tax havens,,,,,,,The trilateral strategic dialogue's institutional politics,,,,,,,The unhappy marriage between international relations theory and international law,,,,,,,The views of managers and recruitment specialists in relation to migrants opportunities in recruitment and selection processes in Australia,,,,,,,The volatility of the socially optimal level of investment,,,,,,,The ���imagined West�� of young independent travellers from Asia,,,,,,,Theoretical Approaches to the Study of Bullying at Work,,,,,,,Theoretical Issues,,,,,,,There Goes the Neighbourhood: Australia and the rise of Asia,,,,,,,Thinking about Asia:An Australian Intro to East & South East Asia,,,,,,,Third Places and Teaching English for Research Purposes,,,,,,,Three Essays on Initial Public Offerings in Emerging Markets: Evidence from the Six Countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council,,,,,,,"Time-varying dependency in European energy markets: an analysis of Nord Pool, European Energy Exchange and Intercontinental Exchange energy commodities",,,,,,,Timor Leste: North Across the Gap,,,,,,,Timor-Leste's Future(s): Security and Stability 2010-20,,,,,,,Timor-Leste: Multilingual Education for All?,,,,,,,Timor-Leste: Sustaining and maintaining the national languages in education,,,,,,,Tiny Little Wonderful Worlds,,,,,,,To Go or Stay Home and Watch: Exploring the Balance between Motives and Perceived Constraints for Major Events: A Case Study of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games,,,,,,,To Peg or Not to Peg?,,,,,,,"Torture, Terrorism and the Moral Prohibition on Killing Non-Combatants",,,,,,,Touism in Australia and Hawai'i: Historical Perspectives,,,,,,,Tourism Development in Queensland and Hawaii: A Comparative Study,,,,,,,Tourism Policy and Planning: Evaluating the Life Cycle Model in Relation to Queensland and Hawaii,,,,,,,Toward More Efficient Micropayment Systems,,,,,,,Toward a Macroscopic Model of Road Fatalities in Queensland,,,,,,,Toward a Realist Ethics of Intervention,,,,,,,Toward the Scientific Study of Polytheism: Beyond Forced-Choice Measures of Religious Belief,,,,,,,Towards CSR and the Sustainable Enterprise Economy (2) in the Asia Pacific Region,,,,,,,Towards CSR and the sustainable enterprise economy in the Asia Pacific region,,,,,,,Towards Learning Standards in Economics in Australia,,,,,,,Towards a conceptual model for Online group work - Addressing graduate skills development in Online courses,,,,,,,Towards a paradigm of multiparty negotiation,,,,,,,Towards a smart community: Rethinking the strategic use of ICTs in teaching and learning,,,,,,,Towards business environment of foundry industry: an empirical study,,,,,,,Towards education for a sustainable future in Asia and the pacific,,,,,,,Towards enabling mitigation of climate change through green technology investment and innovation: an empirical investigation into the Australian offshore oil and gas industry,,,,,,,Towards networked governance: improving interagency communication and collaboration for disaster risk management and climate change adaptation in Australia,,,,,,,Trade Liberalisation and Income Distribution: Evidence from a Small Open Economy,,,,,,,Trade Liberalisation and Poverty in South Asia,,,,,,,Trade Liberalisation and Poverty: The South Asian Experience,,,,,,,"Trade Liberalisation in South Asia - Reforms, Stylised facts and Preview",,,,,,,Trade Liberalisation in South Asia: An Overview,,,,,,,Trade Policy,,,,,,,Trade Policy Reforms in South Asia,,,,,,,Trade Policy Reforms in South Asia and Australia - South Asia Trade:Intensities and Complementarities,,,,,,,Trade Policy Reforms in South Asia and Australia-South Asia Trade: Intensities and Complementarities,,,,,,,Trade Policy: Moving Towards Freer Trade?,,,,,,,Trade and Poverty in South Asia: An interpretive Survey,,,,,,,"Trade and poverty - Theory, Evidence and Policy Issues",,,,,,,Trade-offs and Trinities: Social Forces and Monetary Cooperation,,,,,,,Training of Australian expatriates for management in South East Asia,,,,,,,Training programs for public health professionals: three interdsciplinary models,,,,,,,Transformation of an Engineering Degree Program Suite - A Progress Report,,,,,,,Transforming corporate social responsibility (CSR) into indigenous social and economic development: A business case from Australia,,,,,,,Transit Narratives,,,,,,,Transition to a new academic context: intercultural skills training for international postgraduate students,,,,,,,Transmission of equity returns and volatility in Asian developed and emerging markets: a multivariate GARCH analysis,,,,,,,Transmission of prices and price volatility in Australian electricity spot markets: A multivariate GARCH analysis,,,,,,,Transmission of prices and volatility in the Australian electricity spot markets,,,,,,,Transmission of returns and volatility in art markets: a multivariate GARCH analysis,,,,,,,Transnational Corporations in the Extractive Industries Operating in Conflict States: How Far Should Corporate Citizenship Extend?,,,,,,,Transnational Satellite Television and Advertising in SE Asia,,,,,,,Travelling Country,,,,,,,Triumph of the West? The politics of legitimacy in Asia,,,,,,,Troop Drill,,,,,,,Trop Drill,,,,,,,Turning Points in Multilateral Trade Negotiations on Intellectual Property,,,,,,,Tutoring in the Multicultural Business Classroom,,,,,,,UN Force Generation: Key Lessons and Future Strategies,,,,,,,US Cooperation with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Challenges and Opportunities,,,,,,,US trade deficits and Sino-US relations,,,,,,,Uncertainty in Policy Making: Values and Evidence in Complex Decisions,,,,,,,Under My Skin,,,,,,,Under Rule of Law,,,,,,,Understanding Australia's Neighbours: An Introduction to East and Southeast Asia,,,,,,,Understanding Multiparty Negotiation Theory,,,,,,,Understanding Peacekeeping,,,,,,,Understanding the Asia-Pacific,,,,,,,Understanding the Challenges Involved in Transitioning to a Sustainable Enterprise Economy (SEE): An Exploratory Study in South Asia,,,,,,,Understanding the challenges in transitioning to a sustainable enterprise economy: an exploratory study,,,,,,,Understanding the hearts and minds of Chinese mango buyers,,,,,,,"Understanding the nutrition information needs of migrant communities: the needs of African and Pacific Islander communities of Logan, Queensland",,,,,,,"Understanding work, learning and the remaking of cultural practices",,,,,,,Undoing Big Daddy Art: Subverting the Fathers of Western Art Through a Metaphorical and Mythological Father/Daughter Relationship,,,,,,,United Kingdom: Economic and regulatory issues of telecommunications reform,,,,,,,United States Relations With Myanmar: From Hostility to Hope,,,,,,,Untitled,,,,,,,Upwards Bullying - Prevention and Management Strategies: An Interview Study,,,,,,,"Upwards Bullying, Dependency and Power: Balancing How Organizations Approach Workplace Bullying.",,,,,,,Upwards Bullying: A Theoretical Analysis.,,,,,,,Upwards Bullying: A theoretical analysis and findings from an interview study.,,,,,,,"Upwards Bullying: An Exploratory Study of Power, Dependency and the Work Environment for Australian Managers",,,,,,,Upwards bullying: Implications for how managers and organisations approach workplace bullying in the future,,,,,,,Urban Dreams,,,,,,,Urban Sufism,,,,,,,"Urban water demand with fixed volumetric charging in a large municipality: The case of Brisbane, Australia",,,,,,,Us and Them: Understanding Upwards Bullying through the lens of Social Identity Theory.,,,,,,,Uti Possidetis,,,,,,,"Utopia, Distopia, Disturbia",,,,,,,Utopia/Dystopia/Disturbia,,,,,,,Utopia/Dystopia/Disturbia at Woodfordia,,,,,,,Valuing Australia��s protected areas: A life satisfaction approach,,,,,,,Valuing Ecosystem Diversity in South East Queensland:  A Life Satisfaction Approach,,,,,,,Valuing scenic amenity using life satisfaction data,,,,,,,Variations in Economic and Labour Productivity Growth Among the States of Australia 1984/85 to 1998/99,,,,,,,Variations in Economic and Labour Productivity Growth among the States of Australia: 1984-85 to 1998-99,,,,,,,Vintage versus homogeneous capital in simulations of population ageing: does it matter?,,,,,,,"Volatile aromatic hydrocarbons (VAHs) in residential indoor air in Brisbane, Australia",,,,,,,Volatility estimators based on daily price ranges versus the realized range,,,,,,,Voluntary codes of conduct and their implementation in the Australian mining and petroleum industries: is there a business case for CSR?,,,,,,,Walking the talk: fostering a sense of global citizenry amongst staff in higher education,,,,,,,War Ears,,,,,,,War Rape and Disciplinary Blindness,,,,,,,War. Critical concepts in political science: Ethics and laws of war,,,,,,,War. Critical concepts in political science: History of war,,,,,,,War. Critical concepts in political science: Strategies of war,,,,,,,War. Critical concepts in political science: The nature of War,,,,,,,Warming the bench: Pacific Island Rugby and entry into an expanded SANZAR competition,,,,,,,Water Security Issues of Asia and their implications for Australia,,,,,,,Weak-form market efficiency in Asian emerging and developed equity markets: Comparative tests of random walk behaviour,,,,,,,Web-Based Supply Chains:  Advantages and Security Issues,,,,,,,"Western images since 1989: Economics and Society, the Future",,,,,,,Western images since 1989: Politics and International Relations,,,,,,,What About those at the Margins?:  A Lacuna in Chinese Theatre Research,,,,,,,What Do Quantitative Evaluations Tell Us About Regionalism in South Asia? A Survey,,,,,,,What Future for the Future Fund?,,,,,,,What Impact has Hansonism had on Australian Society and Politics?,,,,,,,"What Impact has it had on Australian for Foreign Policy, Trade, Investment and Relations with Asia?",,,,,,,What Would Confucius Do? - Confucian Ethics and Self-Regulation in Management,,,,,,,What Would You Do,,,,,,,What contribution can International Relations make to the evolving global health agenda?,,,,,,,What does it mean to ��_securitize��� infectious diseases?,,,,,,,Whatever Happened to Industry Policy in Australia?,,,,,,,When Boundaries Flicker,,,,,,,When Group Work Leaves the Classroom Does Group Skills Development Also Go Out the Window?,,,,,,,When is it Right to Fight? International Law and Jus ad Bellum,,,,,,,"Where You Stand Depends on How You Think: Economic Ideas, the Decline of the Council of Economic Advisers and the Rise of the Federal Reserve",,,,,,,"Wherever you go, there you are",,,,,,,"Which model of English: Native-speaker, nativised or lingua franca?",,,,,,,Whither the Responsibility to Protect? Humanitarian Intervention and the 2005 World Summit,,,,,,,Who Benefits from Privatisation?,,,,,,,Who Benefits from Privatisation?,,,,,,,Who's Keeping the Peace? Regionalization and Contemporary Peace Operations,,,,,,,Why Alliances Entangle But Seldom Entrap States,,,,,,,Why Are Tax Havens in Small States?,,,,,,,Why Still Worry About the Capital Account Surplus?,,,,,,,Why the Australian dollar��s rise against the yen won��t last,,,,,,,Why the Dalai Lama Should Read Aristotle,,,,,,,Will flexible learning raise student achievement?,,,,,,,William Kentridge: Between chance and environment,,,,,,,Wilson Htm National Art Prize,,,,,,,Windwells: Channeling and Divining,,,,,,,Women Organising: Women and Union Activism in Asia,,,,,,,Women Workers and Labour Standards: The problem of 'human rights',,,,,,,Women workers in the global economy: A feminist critique of the Core Labour Standards,,,,,,,Women's Reproductive Health Promotion and Research,,,,,,,Work Disincentives in the Taxation of Capital Gains and the Targetting of Social Security Benefits,,,,,,,Workers view Shanghai Hanye as a member of the family: Empowered employees encouraged to put the company first,,,,,,,Working from the Wounds,,,,,,,Working in diverse groups,,,,,,,Workplace Bullying,,,,,,,Workplace Bullying,,,,,,,"Workplace Bullying, Mobbing and General Harassment: A Review",,,,,,,Workplace Health Promotion: The Exploratory Review of Organization Development for Health Promoting Hospital,,,,,,,Workplace Health Promotion:The Australian Experience,,,,,,,Workplace Pressures in Today's Society and their Impact on your Workforce,,,,,,,Workplace bullying risk audit,,,,,,,"Workplace bullying: Issues, Impacts and Interventions",,,,,,,Workplace health implications for health promotion - developing a holistic approach,,,,,,,"Workplace mobbing: Expulsion, exclusion and transformation",,,,,,,Works on Paper 3 1) Cos' I am Free 2) Kabi Kabi 3) Float 5) Waterfall 6) Love 7) Land,,,,,,,World Englishes,,,,,,,World Englishes and/or English as a Lingua Franca,,,,,,,World Englishes: Implications for International Communication and English Language Teaching,,,,,,,World Health Organization Healthy City Project Strategies and Framework Development,,,,,,,Worldviews and IR Theory: Conquest or coexistence?,,,,,,,Would a decrease in fertility be a threat to living standards in Australia?,,,,,,,Xenophobia and Discrimination in Frankfurt/Oder as Experienced by Foreign Student of Europa Universit�_t Viadrina,,,,,,,Yueju zai Zhongguo chuantong xiju zhong suo dandang de juese �__Ί_���_�_�____���_��Ί__�__��_���_�_��_͏�_,,,,,,,Zhang Yimou,,,,,,,Zhou Enlai heping gongchujiaode dangdai yiyi: xianshizhuyi yu lixiangzhuyide wanmei jiehe,,,,,,,Zhou Enlaide da waijiao,,,,,,,Zones of Conflict and the Global War on Terror,,,,,,,eating biscuits...those everyday spaces we occupy,,,,,,,oct 2-6 chamber music recital as part of Shanghai International Clarinet Festival with members of Griffith trio,,,,,,,playin' on,,,,,,,proppaNOW,,,,,,,proppaNOW Women,,,,,,,proppaNOW women's business,,,,,,,queue,,,,,,,you gotta love it,,,,,,,���Bringing international politics back in��:  reconceptualising state failure for the twenty-first  century,,,,,,,���Please Better Shut Their Mouths��: German Influence on US Macroeconomic Policy under the Carter Administration,,,,,,,���See you in court!��: Whaling as a two level game in Australian politics and foreign policy,,,,,,,"���The New Spiritualities, East and West: Colonial Legacies and the Global Spiritual Marketplace in Southeast Asia",,,,,,,____��_��_�卿�Κ_���΁�_˝_ʂ����_����_�_��__�_��__��_�Κ�Κ�__�,,,,,,,΃_____�_�__��_���___���_����_����__�,,,,,,,_���_�_�__: 1949 �_�_�_��_�_�__����___�_��_����,,,,,,,_���󻏬__�����΁��_�_ˀ_�_: ���΁��_��_���_�_�󁏋��_�_�_���__����_��_���__���,,,,,,,_���__܁��_____܀�܉�܀�܉_ - ܉�܀_�_�܀�܀�_��_�܁�Ο�����_�_��,,,,,,,_�__��__�_�_���΃�΃�΍����,,,,,,,_�__����_�����_�__��__�_�_��_��_α�,,,,,,,�˚�_��_� �__ԃ���_Ҵ� �_���ҝ� �����ԝ_,,,,,,,"�_��_�҄�ҋ� �_��_����: ����_��� ��Ԇ_ҋ�, �_��_� �_����ҋ�, Ԋ����ҝ� �_�ջ�__ Ң��_�",,,,,,,�_ͥ_��_��_���__�Ϋ��ː___ο_�_______����_��ά��_�ΐ��_��__���_��Κ_�_���_���_,,,,,,