Planning Packages

The Planning Packages have been developed by Griffith University as part of the Climate Change Adaptation for Natural Resource Management in East Coast Australia project. 

The project aims to foster and support an effective “community of practice” for climate adaptation within the East Coast Cluster regions that will increase the capacity for adaptation to climate and ocean change through enhancements in knowledge and skills, and through the establishment of long term collaborations. 


The overarching purpose of the Planning Packages is to facilitate the integration of climate change adaptation research into NRM planning processes. The Planning Packages do this by: 

Making the information easily accessible to those who were not directly involved in the East Coast Cluster project 

Providing a hierarchy of information, with information that is highly synthesised, easily accessible and understood in the first instance, and links to more detailed information 

Including examples and case studies of the application of new information or tools to NRM planning where possible. 

 Ideally, the Planning Packages provide a resource that can grow over time, as new information or case study examples become available. 



Detailed Descriptions
Planning Documentation
120504 - Land Use and Environmental Planning
Geographic and Temporal Extents
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