Planners Working Group (PWG) workshop summary April 2014

The objectives for the workshop were to:
 provide updates on research projects
 provide updates on the NRM planning processes and institutional factors
 facilitate input to project development and progress
 facilitate discussion of the use of project outputs in NRM planning
 facilitate sharing and knowledge transfer.
The evaluation criteria for meeting these objectives were:
 Participants have a greater understanding of research objectives and outputs after the workshop.
 Participants have a greater understanding of regional NRM planning and needs in relation to research outputs.
 Participants have sufficient opportunity to provide input to projects.
 Participants have a greater understanding of how project outputs may be used in NRM planning.
 Participants feel they have had useful discussions or gained useful information.



Detailed Descriptions
050211 - Wildlife and Habitat Management, 050209 - Natural Resource Management, 070102 - Agricultural Land Planning, 050202 - Conservation and Biodiversity
Geographic and Temporal Extents
Burnett Mary, Fitzroy, Hawkesbury-Nepean, Sydney Metro, Hunter, Northern Coast, Hunter-Central Rivers, South East Queensland, Northern Rivers, Greater Sydney
South Eastern Queensland, Brigalow Belt North, South Eastern Highlands, Brigalow Belt South, Central Mackay Coast, NSW North Coast, Sydney Basin
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Attributions and Constraints
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Griffith University
Cox, M., Serrao-Neumann, S. & Low Choy, D.
Cox, M., Serrao‐Neumann, S. & Low Choy, D. 2014. Workshop Summary April 2014, Climate Change Adaptation for Natural Resource Management in East Coast Australia Project, Griffith University.
Darryl Low Choy,