Endnote Ecological Research Library

The EndNote databases contain terrestrial and aquatic ecological research undertaken in the Central Slopes region. Accompanying each EndNote library is a brief report outlining the systematic search methodology used to create the databases. Each EndNote library was created by undertaking a systematic search of four databases (e.g. Google Scholar, Web of Science, ScienceDirect and Scopus) using specific search terms. These search terms or parameters were set to ensure that the search was able to find a majority of the published and unpublished research available for the Central Slopes region. References within the EndNote library are grouped according to the search terms used. 

Following are instructions for saving the EndNote Library onto your personal computer:

1. Open the Central Slopes EndNote Library_terrestrial folder and then save 

2. Extract files from the .Data folder

3. Go to the unzipped .Data folder and right click. Select Properties and turn off Read Only.

4. Click on the EndNote library to view the research

If NRM groups wish to access research, copy and paste the title of the article to scholar.google.com.au (google scholar search bar), and then click on the title to access the abstract and article. If you have trouble accessing the research, contact Dr Kate Reardon-Smith via email: Kate.Reardon-Smith@usq.edu.au. 


File PDF documentCS Systematic Database search_methodology_terrestrial
File Zip archiveCentral Slopes EndNote Library_terrestrial
File PDF documentCS Systematic Database Search Methodology_Aquatic
File C source codeCentral Slopes EndNote Library_Aquatic
The Central Slopes EndNote Library_Aquatic contains references to aquatic ecology research undertaken in the Central Slopes region.


Detailed Descriptions
Geographic and Temporal Extents
Northern Tablelands, Lachlan, Border Rivers-Gwydir, Namoi, Central West, Border Rivers Maranoa-Balonne, South West Queensland, Condamine
Nandewar, Darling Riverine Plains, New England Tablelands, Brigalow Belt South
Start Start text End End text
Attributions and Constraints
University of Southern Queensland, University of Canberra
Kellie Goodhew, Dr Kate Reardon-Smith, Dr Andy Le Brocque, Dr Fiona Dyer, Dr Jarrod Kath, Renee Brawata, Anthea Florance
Dr Kate Reardon-Smith, Kate.Reardon-Smith@usq.edu.au