Biomass (Observed Climate) – Central Slopes NRM Region

This dataset is a map of the average yearly total biomass (aboveground) in metric tons per hectare using the observed climatic variables (i.e. precipitation, minimum & maximum temperature, and solar radiation) from 2001 to 2010. It covers the Central Slopes NRM region. Intended for use at catchment scale, this raster dataset has a cell size of 90m x 90m. The modelling work was done using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT).


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Detailed Descriptions
050302 - Land Capability and Soil Degradation, 070104 - Agricultural Spatial Analysis and Modelling
Geographic and Temporal Extents
Northern Tablelands, North West (NSW), Condamine, Border Rivers Maranoa-Balonne, Central West
Start 2001/01/01 Start text End 2010/12/01 End text
Attributions and Constraints
University of Southern Queensland
Rodolfo Espada, Armando Apan, Irvin Samalca, Geoff Cockfield
Armando Apan (